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The company that plans to redevelop the former W.C. Wood factory site didn’t get everything it wanted from city council last week, but it’s aiming to break ground on the first phase of the development next April.
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Monday, September, 01, 2014 - 1:01:38 PM
Why the lack of concern about coyotes? "We either need to build a giant fence about the perimeter of Guelph or learn to co-exist. According to Coyote Watch Canada, an advocacy group that's done presentations in Guelph (I attended one): "Relocating (or killing) coyotes is not recommen"
Comment by klawrenc
Sunday, August, 31, 2014 - 12:12:18 AM
Guelph is not Toronto "Oh sure it sounds good, but no substance. Just like Rob Ford, claim anything, accomplish nothing. Surely we don't want that here in Guelph, do we? Karen on the other had is all substance."
Comment by Dennis Galon
Wednesday, August, 27, 2014 - 9:09:35 PM
Guelph is not Toronto "let's put the taxpayer first...sounds good to me"
Comment by george gary carere
Learn how to vote online on Sept. 3
Voters who want the low-down on Internet voting are being invited to a hands-on demonstration on Sept. 3.
New schools open but there is still work to be done
It’s been a challenge, but the local public school board expects to have all of its new schools ready to welcome students on Sept. 2.
From the Stands: Storm looks to Baltisberger to help fill void
With the loss of defencemen Matt Finn, Nick Ebert and Steven Trojanovic, returning veteran Phil Baltisberger will be expected to take on a leadership role with the Guelph Storm this season.
Fans welcome to watch Storm training camp
It was a short off-season for the Guelph Storm, who made it to the Memorial Cup championship game on May 25.
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Hip-hoppers take it downtown Saturday
The Royal City Mix, Guelph’s annual hip-hop festival, is returning on Saturday Aug. 30 for the fourth year.
Nutcracker auditions in Guelph
Dance auditions are taking place Sept. 13 for the annual Nutcracker performance.
Let plane complaints fly
I think Chris Wood’s response to the airplane noise complaints is misleading (Tribune, Aug. 26).
Time to take city back
Dear EDitor: What was the point of having city council vote on St. George’s Square with no substance to it other than “it’s round”?

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