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Guelph Budget
City hall had trouble balancing its books last year, and it’s not getting any easier in 2015.
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Wednesday, May, 27, 2015 - 7:07:41 PM
Solstice 3 going to OMB over church site plans "Looking at the other two Ugly buildings this developer has put up if the third is to be similar it totally does not fit in with this neighbourhood at all. I also fail to understand how it is that a city can spend (city taxpayer) money on plans for o"
Comment by greatday
Wednesday, May, 27, 2015 - 7:07:13 PM
Developer being pushy "The OMB needs to allow for a decision period before getting involved. Funny come to think of it has the OMB EVER sided with a city planning group??"
Comment by greatday
Monday, May, 25, 2015 - 1:01:42 AM
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ISpy Guelph challenge launch goes next week
The kickoff of a do-it-yourself scavenger hunt based on the traditional ISpy game is part of how the city is marking national Tourism Week in Guelph and Wellington County from May 31 to June 6.
Demonstration set for St. George’s church
With the goal of securing a meeting with Bishop Michael Bird to discuss the future of the St. Matthias church property, the McElderry community will hold a peaceful demonstration May 31.
Tribune Photo By Ned Bekavac
Royals deliver in finals thriller
The action was as hot as the weather.
Tribune Photo By Ned Bekavac
Tough sleddin’
Jeff Chadder pushes 130 pounds of weight on a sled during a sled push-and-pull event on Saturday at the Guelph Community Sports Dome.Participants were timed as they pushed the weight 50 feet one way, then pulled it back 50 feet the other way.
OMB developer’s dream
Dear Editor: The Ontario Municipal Board is back again as the province’s enforcement mechanism for private developers to impose their plans on local neighbourhoods and environments, elected governments and citizens’ beloved conditions of life.
Bike lanes mean safer riding
Dear Editor: It is true that bicycles are a small minority of vehicles on city roadways at any given time (Tribune letters, May 26).

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