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Guelph Election 2014
If there had been an applause-o-meter at this week’s last big mayoral debate, what it would have registered might mean a very tight contest between Karen Farbridge and Cam Guthrie on Oct. 27.
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Thursday, October, 23, 2014 - 5:05:48 PM
Two wrongs don't make a right "[The ad, while in very poor taste, appears to be within legal bounds. ] Really? [[There is no requirement that the sponsorship of an ad be revealed as part of the ad.] There certainly is, and under two Ontario Acts. Here’s from the Ontario M"
Comment by stephen
Tuesday, October, 21, 2014 - 2:02:47 PM
Attack ad enflames mayoral debate "I was really surprised to see Farbridge take out that dirty attack ad. She has always taken the high road and I wonder if desperation has set in. I also heard she fired her campaign manager. As a former Farbridge supporter I can't vote for someone th"
Comment by doormansonny
Monday, October, 20, 2014 - 1:01:19 AM
Mayor didn't answer condo call "Gary - Who are the so called experts that you claim to quote? You moved into a condo and didn't like the cost and now blame the city? Funny that Guthrie's platform is taxation and how he will magically make it fair. BTW - you live in a city where a"
Comment by jamie561
A first – all mayoral candidates in attendance
Monday’s mayoral debate drew all seven of the registered candidates, including one who was missing from the debate broadcast frequently by Rogers TV on Channel 20.
New police check guidelines
The Guelph Police Service is calling attention to changes to its guidelines for police records checks, which went into effect this month.
Tribune Photo
Fight night for mentor
Some of his younger students might say the change they see in their coach is Justin credible.
Tribune Photo By Ned Bekavac
Say what?
Isaac Poirier (bottom) of the Bishop Macdonell Celtics shows his frustration after being called for a foul as a Centennial Spartans player he collided with remains momentarily on the turf (top left) during District 10 senior boys soccer semifinal play Tuesday at the U of G.
What's On
Gala helps give youth a voice
A fundraiser for Guelph Youth Singers on Friday Oct. 24 will include a dinner and entertainment by two of the organization’s choirs.
Win meet-and-greet with Jim Cuddy
The River Run Centre is raffling off a chance to win a private meet-and-greet with Blue Rodeo front man Jim Cuddy, who will bring his solo project, the Jim Cuddy Band, to the River Run’s main stage on Sunday Nov. 2.
All’s left is the voting
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: Well, this is our last edition before Monday’s election.
Debates and slates
Editorial: At Monday’s last big debate for mayoral candidates, Karen Farbridge noted during her closing remarks that most Ontarians voted in June’s provincial election “against the austerity agenda” of Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak.

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