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Nasty bit of business

Editorial: How much of a factor will the so-called “Guelph Factor” be in the outcome of the Oct. 27 civic election?

Sidewalk takes painful tolll

Dear Editor: I want to add my concern about Guelph’s sidewalks.

City hall action needed on overhead air traffic

Dear Editor: I’m writing about Waterloo airport noise complaints.

Election Letters to the Editor

Three letters covering debate absenteeism, robocalls and Guelph library compared to others:

A most civil discourse

Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: Where’s the juice?

Guest Editorial: Making Guelph a better place

The Guelph-Wellington Food Round Table is bringing together food leaders, aspiring leaders and concerned community members to develop a regional food strategy.

The will of what people?

Dear Editor: I am responding to the GrassRoots Guelph ad in the Oct. 9 Guelph Tribune.

Numbers say no library

Dear Editor: With a municipal election coming soon, the question of a new Guelph library arises once again.

Mayor didn’t answer condo call

Dear Editor: Recent letters to your paper have seen attacks on mayoral candidate Cam Guthrie. These same letters laud his opponent Karen Farbridge.

No reason not to vote

Editorial: Declining voter turnout has been a problem at all three levels of government, but there are a couple of reasons for hope it will improve for the Oct. 27 civic election.

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