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Dwindling provincial test scores

Editorial: Parents with children in local public schools deserve answers to a couple of big questions in light of the Education Quality and Accountability Office’s latest board and school-by-school results in the EQAO’s annual “3Rs” testing.

Development association stand curious

Dear Editor: The Guelph and Wellington Development Association’s ‘advertorial’ (Tribune, Sept 11) provides for interesting reading, but raises more questions than information provided.

Large number of cats missing in west end

Dear Editor: I am writing to alert people living in the west end of Guelph that there has been an extraordinary number of cats go missing in the Westwood/Willow and surrounding area.

Beautiful city gardens money well spent

Dear Editor: Through your paper I would like to thank the people responsible for the city gardens.

Politicians must give voters a reason to go to the polls

The View From Here column by Alan Pickersgill: People in Scotland voted in an independence referendum today. As I write this, I have no idea of the vote outcome.

Colourful cast of characters

Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: Municipal candidates are colouring our world with all the election signs sprinkled throughout the city.

School boards big part of our lives

Editorial: There is little glory or money these days in being a school trustee.

Accessibility for all if using public money

Dear Editor: Sometimes admitting a mistake and apologizing is the right thing to do, it’s the respectful thing to do… it’s the thing to do.

Not long ago Guthrie lauded city’s finances

Dear Editor: Guelph is in fantastic financial shape, as indicated in the Tribune article on Sept. 4 about Guelph’s AA+ credit rating from Standard and Poor’s.

For the taxes we pay city services are lacking

Dear Editor: Having in the past served as a councillor for eight years in a neighbouring community, I cannot support the present Guelph council.

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