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Answering nature’s call

Editorial: The topic of a lack of public washrooms in the downtown contributing to a problem of public urination returns to council Monday, via a motion by Coun. Ian Findlay.

Messages from city hall anything but transparent

Cincommn Sense column by Greg Elliott: ‘Can you define zero-based budgeting to me?’

Rude reception during Guelph visit

Dear Editor: I recently experienced what I have come to call “The Guelph shakedown.” I moved my car onto the street late April 16 so a patient could park in the driveway for her therapy appointment the next morning, only to find it missing.

Windsor is not the city Guelph should aspire to be

Dear Editor: The Halloween-season election must be coming, because the troll-sized gang with the ogre-sized name, “Canadian Taxpayers Federation,” just visited Guelph telling scary stories and rattling their bones (Tribune, April 17).

Widening Stone Road – A clash of ideals

Editorial: Hugh Whiteley will be bringing an interesting clash of visions before council next Monday when he argues against a proposal by city staff to widen a section of Stone Road that abuts the U of G’s Arboretum.

Retention pond plan takes out 1/3 of park

Dear Editor: The City of Guelph – always at the forefront of cost savings and noxious odour control – is proposing a huge, unsightly, expensive storm sewer retention pond smack in the middle of Green Meadows Park on the northeast side of the city.

Sign of civic engagement

Editorial: It was encouraging to see more than 90 people out for GrassRoots Guelph’s public launch on Wednesday morning, a breakfast fundraiser at the Guelph Golf and Curling Club.

Ditch plans for St. George’s Square and sidewalk plows

Dear eDitor: Two items recently reported in the Tribune are cause for concern at the thinking – or lack thereof – involved in city decisions and concern of spending money we do not have.

Sidewalk plows more hinderance than help

Dear Editor: After reading different debates about sidewalk plowing, I would have to say what the city does in this regard is a complete waste of time and money.

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