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Guelph General directions

Editorial: When former Guelph General Hospital CEO Richard Ernst spoke to city council last March about the hospital’s expansion plans on its Delhi Street site, Coun. Leanne Piper asked him how much community engagement had been done in developing the new expansion plans.

Money could mean on-the-spot jobs

Dear Editor: Here’s a thought.

French immersion is invaluable

Dear Editor: Do not put a cap on French immersion enrolment.

Bike paths are not award-worthy

Dear Editor: It is too bad that the city received an award for being a bicycle-friendly city, especially since bike paths are poorly laid out.

New tax proposal is the way to go

Dear Editor: The articles relating to the budget target make one realize that some councillors don’t understand basic finances (Tribune, Jan. 22).

Big picture for Guelph Transit

Editorial: Guelph Transit has had more than its share of woes in recent years, including a lockout last summer that halted service.

Transit service safety concerns

Dear Editor: A friend of mine has fallen on hard times, is desperately looking for a ‘real’ job, but has been forced to pursue whatever her temp agency comes up with.

Budget tie to inflation is wrong

Dear Editor: It is sad and embarrassing that Mayor Cam Guthrie is basing the tax increase on the cost of living index, which is in turn based on the inflation rate.

Guelph budget now has a target

Editorial: An uptick in inflation in Ontario last year could make it easier for the new council to go along with Mayor Cam Guthrie’s election promise to keep property tax increases at or below the inflation rate – at least for the 2015 budget.

Former church would be an ideal community centre

Dear Editor: Recently, the City of Guelph has been touted as being “age friendly.” If I lived in the north end of the city I most certainly would agree.

Guelph Top Jobs