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Budget didn’t need rush job

Editorial: Earlier this year, city hall tentatively scheduled a second day for finalizing the 2015 budget.

Condo owner concerns have fallen on deaf ears

Dear Editor: I believe I have misled condominium owners over the last five years. I no longer believe that the inequity condominium owners face in undelivered services they pay the city for will ever be addressed.

Hard work, dedication results in sound budget

Dear Editor: This letter was also sent to Mayor Cam Guthrie, city councillors and city staff.

Cost-cutter hits pay dirt

Editorial: It’s a bit ironic that Cam Guthrie, who has made a point of refusing annual council pay raises since 2010 in the name of setting a cost-cutting example, will be the first Guelph mayor to make the province’s “sunshine list.”

Guelph Transit needs to balance ridership and equity

Dear Editor: Re: Let’s get this right, Guelph Transit (Tribune, March 17)

Fossil free initiative is the way to go

Dear Editor: Letter to the editor writer Max Penner wishes he could complete a carbon audit of University of Guelph students advocating divestment from fossil fuel companies (Fossil free wishful idea, Tribune, March 3).

Party on, climate change deniers

Dear Editor: There are some who may be missing the point of divestment (U of G takes stock of its investment portfolio, Tribune, Feb. 24).

Razing forest terrible in many ways

Dear Editor: It’s shameful this forest on the south side of Paisley Road between Whitelaw and Elmira roads is being destroyed and that local citizens were given no chance for input (Tribune, March 12).

Bridging the Niska divide

Editorial: One of the interesting debates set to unfold when council sits down to finalize the city’s 2015 budget tomorrow relates to the west end’s one-lane Bailey Bridge on Niska Road.

Niska Road needed thoroughfare

Dear Editor: The city is looking a building a two-lane bridge over the Speed River on Niska Road in the southwest corner of Guelph. This is intended to replace the current one-lane Bailey bridge.

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