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All’s well that ends well

Editorial: When it comes to yard waste collection, Guelph has long suffered by comparison with Waterloo Region, where it’s picked up at curbside every two weeks from April to November.

Downtown containers good for the environment

Dear Editor: There is reluctance among some residents to the City of Guelph’s efforts to reduce our waste being disposed of in landfill sites

Downtown containers waste of time, money

Dear Editor: Re: Anna Massinen letter (Tribune, April 9).

Flanders field day

Editorial: Being known as the birthplace of John McCrae, the military doctor who wrote the famous poem In Flanders Fields, has long been a source of pride for Guelph.

Toll at Niska bridge would tell tale

I would like to weigh in on the topic of the Bailey bridge on Niska Road.

Preserve Bailey bridge, too

Dear Editor: “Tighter property standards wanted” was featured in the April 2 Tribune. This article informed us of Heritage Guelph’s call to amend property standards bylaws for heritage preservation.

No tax breaks for condos

Dear Editor: Just to be clear, multi-residentials are apartments, not condos, when there’s a tax policy break (Tribune, April 7).

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Corwhin Gang blazed many happy memories

Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: About a year ago, we innocently ran a photograph of what the library archives called the Aberfoyle Ski Club.

Downtown looking trashy

Dear Editor: We drove into town along Wyndham Street after spending a couple of days away. I was appalled by the site of enormous plastic garbage containers, in threes, approximately every 30 feet

Job well done, waterworks

Dear Editor:I’m a homeowner who has been without water for nearly four weeks and has had to rely on water hosed from a neighbour.

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