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Mix it up in debates

Editorial: They’re off.

Say what? A promise is kept

Editorial: The government announcement that Metrolinx is buying a 53-kilometre section of CN track through Guelph for $76 million is a happy case of an election promise quickly kept.

The Guelph Factor is a positive

Dear Editor: While in B.C., I recently gave a couple the lowdown on Guelph. They had been living in Squamish for about a dozen years but missed Ontario.

Taxes enrich communities

Dear Editor: I have been hearing many people talking about high taxes.

Should be good debate

Editorial: Civic election debates moderated by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce’s president and televised repeatedly on Rogers channel 20 start tonight (Sept. 23).

And on the right side of fence

Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: I left the GrassRoots Guelph barbecue last week pleasantly surprised.

Election signage a blight dwarfing real civic debate

Dear Editor: Guelph is embarking on a municipal election in October which has resulted in the predictable signage spree by electoral hopefuls. I understand that signage, without a doubt, can generate votes.

Look down the highway to see where city headed

Dear Editor: Guelph’s comparative economic success over the last two decades has been due to a number of fortuitous events, none of them owing to whatever political machine has been at 1 Carden Street.

Window of opportunity to fix Wyndham St. bridge

Dear Editor: Re: Wyndham St. bridge.

Dwindling provincial test scores

Editorial: Parents with children in local public schools deserve answers to a couple of big questions in light of the Education Quality and Accountability Office’s latest board and school-by-school results in the EQAO’s annual “3Rs” testing.

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