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It’s worthy of debate

Editorial: It was good to see council vote overwhelmingly this week to look at the issue of Canada’s long-form census, with a view to calling for its reinstatement.

Better planning a must

Dear Editor: Re: The article “Earlier ‘right sizing’ means schools safe” (Tribune, Feb. 5) and letter to the editor “School board planning doesn’t add up” (Tribune, Feb. 12).

Sidewalks are city lifeline

Dear editor: This abridged letter was also sent to Mayor Cam Guthrie and Guelph city council.

Daycare problems

Editorial: It’s understandable that many stressed-out parents and parents-to-be in most of Canada are envious of Quebec’s system of subsidized daycare costing just a few dollars a day per child.

U of G’s unenviable task

Editorial: The U of G has raised more than $200 million to tackle global food, environment, health and community challenges through its Better Planet Project

Trading places – here and there

Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: A recent weekend trek to Toronto reminded me that I am now more Guelph than Toronto, the city where I grew up.

No end to cable TV gouging

Dear Editor: As a longtime (35 years) customer of a certain cable TV provider, I am a little exasperated about how it now provides service.

Development a rallying point

Dear Editor: Re: Rally against development (Tribune, Feb. 17)

Get rid of city ‘beggar boxes’

Dear Editor: For those of you who don’t know what a ‘beggar box’ is, it’s that annoying little device stuck on the side of most stoplights that requires you to push it before it grants you permission to cross the street.

Jury still out on core waste collection

Editorial: Downtown shoppers could be forgiven for thinking new waste bins are just trash cans.

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