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Skateboard parks aren’t a need

Dear Editor Re: Skateboard jabs are unwarranted, (Tribune letters, May 14)

Citizens at mercy of developers

Dear Editor: Re: All parties should meet to resolve church debate (Tribune letters, May 19)

Tax system not senior-friendly

Dear Editor: I agree with the comments of Jay Kumar in regards to Guelph’s assessment system (Tribune letters, May 5)

Guest Editorial – Making Guelph a Better Place

Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation has a simple mission: increase the quantity, quality and safety of active transportation in Guelph.

Food trucks for thought

Food trucks are becoming something of a phenomenon in many parts of Ontario – and maybe soon in Guelph too. Established restaurants, which pay property taxes, might not be among their fans, though.

All parties should meet to resolve church debate

Dear editor: I have a question for Michael Bird, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Niagara; Dr. Franco Vaccarino, president of the University of Guelph; Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie ; city council; HIP Developments Inc.; and the McElderry Community Association.

Declining enrolment makes plan unnecessary

Dear editor: My understanding is that Solstice means either of the two times a year when the sun is at its greatest, which to me should be exciting. The institutional-looking Solstice building at Arkell and Gordon is not exciting and will look even worse once it’s in technicolour, and yet they keep on multiplying.

Wind and ice dangers issue for consideration

Dear editor: After listening to the presentations to city council on April 13 regarding the rezoning application for the St. Matthias church property, and reading the many articles and letters in the media, I felt it was time to comment.

It will be a big day for us, too

June 6 will be a big day for Torontonians, when the UP Express starts between Union Station and Pearson airport. But it will also be a significant day for Guelph, as that’s the day it will become possible to get from our own downtown to the airport by train.

Please don’t feed birds white bread

Dear editor: Pet peeve number . . . People who feed birds bread. And right now, people who are feeding baby birds – less than a week old – white bread.

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