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Program tried and true

Editorial: It’s a sure sign that fall is approaching when it’s announced that the “Safe Semester” program of road closures and other measures in the downtown bar district is again going into effect.

It’s a bird – no, a plane

Editorial: The evidence might be only anecdotal at this point, but Guelph residents are noticing more noise from airplanes these days.

Library thinking wrong

Dear Editor: In response to CEO Kitty Pope’s call for a new downtown mega library (Tribune, Aug. 12), I propose a major expansion of the north end Bullfrog Mall branch.

Guelph is not Toronto

Dear Editor: I recently received a robocall from Councillor Cam Guthrie.

Why the lack of concern about coyotes?

Dear Editor: While glancing through the Guelph Tribune I was surprised to see a letter about a coyote in the Guelph city limits (Tribune, Aug.12).

Editorial: Long road to civic vote

It seems a long time ago that Coun. Cam Guthrie emerged with badly reddened ears from an outdoor news conference on a bitterly cold day, where he announced in his west end ward that he’s running for mayor.

Letter to the editor: Etiquette expectations not same across board

I am responding to Mr. Evan Supple’s letter, “Restaurant dress code perpetuates inequality” (Tribune, Aug. 14).

Letter to the editor: In search of photos

In 2002, the book Heroes of the Albert Medal was published, covering the 250 military recipients of the medal.

Letter to the editor: St. George’s Square plans don’t work on many levels

Why is there such constant unrest about the configuration of St. George’s Square?

Letter to the editor: Make Guelph better place by cleaning up medians

As I was reading your Guest Editorial ­– Making Guelph a Better Place (Tribune, Aug. 12), I was thinking about some desperate eyesore conditions of some local street corners that I travel on almost every day.

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