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Letter to the Editor: Waste collection should not be the problem it has become

Marty Williams’ comments are for the most part quite valid (“Core grapples with bin system,” Tribune, Nov. 11).

Letter to the Editor: Discrimination at local establishment

I take pride in calling Guelph “home.” I’ve always considered it to be both progressively minded and inclusive.

Editorial: Deserving of praise

Bees and other pollinators are responsible for the reproduction of 80 per cent of all flowering plants, including one out of every three bites of food we eat, says Pollination Guelph.

Daughter, me and her PhD

Who in their right mind would venture to Edmonton in mid-November? We did, and the weather was way warmer and sunnier than it was back in Guelph-town last week.

Leaving great legacy for Guelph

Dear Editor: Re: Last term was best that Farbridge has seen (Tribune, Nov.18).

Time to shrink Sunshine tab

Dear Editor: I am glad to see that the retiring executive directors will not be replaced, but that positions will be shuffled instead (Tribune, Nov. 20).

Vote recount flawed system

Dear Editor: Last week’s recount saw votes entered through a machine just as they were on election day.

Feds hear the outcry

Editorial: The chorus demanding better mental health services for those who have served Canada in the military has been heard – finally – by the federal government, although the adequacy of the new spending it announced Sunday remains to be seen.

Big change at city hall

When the new city council is sworn in Dec. 1, familiar faces will be missing from both council seats and the desks occupied by top bureaucrats.

What’s the hurry?

What’s your rush? In the section of Guelph where I live, the speed limit coming into the area is 50, it drops to 40, and as you approach the school zone the limit drops to 30, just for a short stretch.

Guelph Top Jobs