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Police remind motorists new school speed limits in effect
With kids heading back to school in just one week, the Guelph Police Service is reminding drivers of the reduced speed limits around school zones.
Guelph energy district
New condo a landmark first for district energy district.
A high-rise condominium tower planned for the downtown will be the first residential building in Guelph to be heated and cooled by district energy, rather than by its own heating and cooling equipment.
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Wednesday, August, 27, 2014 - 9:09:35 PM
Guelph is not Toronto "let's put the taxpayer first...sounds good to me"
Comment by george gary carere
Tuesday, August, 26, 2014 - 3:03:50 PM
Guelph is not Toronto "Yes, he sounds an awful lot like Rob Ford. Toronto's experience shows that one Rob Ford is more than enough."
Comment by Tim Allman
Monday, August, 25, 2014 - 2:02:49 PM
Seventh hat in ring "Wow, does this guy ever need a dose of reality! He sounds like Stephen Harper -- discredited ideology trumps facts every time."
Comment by Tim Allman
Learn how to vote online on Sept. 3
Voters who want the low-down on Internet voting are being invited to a hands-on demonstration on Sept. 3.
New schools open but there is still work to be done
It’s been a challenge, but the local public school board expects to have all of its new schools ready to welcome students on Sept. 2.
Guelph library chief books out
Guelph’s chief librarian has resigned after less than four years in the job for what she describes as family reasons.
St. George's Square
Island in St. George's Square gets nod
A controversial concept for redesigning St. George’s Square has been endorsed by city council in a close vote. It’s an issue some say could play a role in the Oct. 27 civic elections.
All-nighter a no-go
The all-night arts extravaganza known as a Nuit Blanche, which was added to the Guelph Jazz Festival in 2010, won’t be happening this year.
James Gordon runs in Ward 2
Local musician James Gordon, who ran under the NDP banner in the last two provincial elections, will seek a Ward 2 city council seat in the Oct. 27 civic election.
Guelph Election 2014
Furfaro latest to not run for council
First-term Ward 1 councillor Jim Furfaro is the latest name on a growing list of at least five incumbents who won’t be seeking re-election on Oct. 27.
More traffic problems forecast for south end
Construction projects in the Gordon Street area are causing short-term complications for drivers and cyclists in the south end.
Former provost says new U pitch above board
Former University of Guelph provost and vice-president (academic) Maureen Mancuso echoes the sentiments of former president Alastair Summerlee that the pair did nothing wrong in pitching a new university in Brampton while still in their respective positions at the U of G.
Operation Safe Semester
Core nightlife program kicks in Friday
A program aimed at calming the downtown nightlife scene will be repeated this year starting Friday Aug. 29, but with tougher treatment of people who park cars in sections of the downtown that are closed to traffic late on weekend nights.
Air traffic over Guelph
Increased plane noise not coming from Waterloo
If it seems like the airspace above Guelph is getting noisier, the Region of Waterloo International Airport is not to blame, says airport general manager Chris Wood.
Federal finance minister Joe Oliver
Picnic table politics
From left, federal Minister of Finance Joe Oliver chats with Paulette Padanyi, Christopher Pugh and Greg Schirk over soft drinks and potato salad at the annual barbecue for the Guelph Federal Conservative Electoral District Association at Riverside Park.
Church of Our Lady vandalized
Guelph Police would like to talk to anyone who might have information about some vandalism that happened at the Church of Our Lady over the weekend.
Tribune File Photo
U of G brass sought cash for university in Brampton
An attempt by outgoing University of Guelph president Alastair Summerlee and outgoing provost Maureen Mancuso to start a new university in Brampton while they were still in their respective positions is not being regarded as a conflict of interest, because they were simply shopping for their next job.
Guelph votes logo
Who's in, who's not, who's unsure
With 22 days to go until the nomination deadline for the Oct. 27 civic elections, some local incumbents are still keeping their options open about seeking re-election.
Seventh hat in ring
A “self-proclaimed libertarian” who is proposing severe measures to bring down the city’s debt has become the seventh person to seek the mayor’s job in this fall’s civic elections.
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