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Local MP collects condolences for slain Armed Forces members
Local MPP Frank Valeriote is offering people the chance to pass along their condolences following the recent deaths of two Canadian Armed Forces members – Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Corporal Nathan Cirillo.
Huge hit for local plant
The Owens Corning plant on York Road is to lose two-thirds of its jobs as the Ohio-based company shifts some production to its Mexican facilities.
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Thursday, October, 23, 2014 - 5:05:48 PM
Two wrongs don't make a right "[The ad, while in very poor taste, appears to be within legal bounds. ] Really? [[There is no requirement that the sponsorship of an ad be revealed as part of the ad.] There certainly is, and under two Ontario Acts. Here’s from the Ontario M"
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Tuesday, October, 21, 2014 - 2:02:47 PM
Attack ad enflames mayoral debate "I was really surprised to see Farbridge take out that dirty attack ad. She has always taken the high road and I wonder if desperation has set in. I also heard she fired her campaign manager. As a former Farbridge supporter I can't vote for someone th"
Comment by doormansonny
Monday, October, 20, 2014 - 1:01:19 AM
Mayor didn't answer condo call "Gary - Who are the so called experts that you claim to quote? You moved into a condo and didn't like the cost and now blame the city? Funny that Guthrie's platform is taxation and how he will magically make it fair. BTW - you live in a city where a"
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Election Day primer
With election Day, Oct. 27, fast approaching, here are a few things that Guelph voters may want to keep in mind about the big day:
New Highway 7
New Highway 7 takes toll on family
The new highway that the province plans to build to Kitchener will make that trip a lot faster for many people, but it comes at a cost to Guelph resident Bob Irwin and his only child, Shelley Irwin.
A first – all mayoral candidates in attendance
Monday’s mayoral debate drew all seven of the registered candidates, including one who was missing from the debate broadcast frequently by Rogers TV on Channel 20.
Guelph Election 2014
Final debate highlights differing philosophies
If there had been an applause-o-meter at this week’s last big mayoral debate, what it would have registered might mean a very tight contest between Karen Farbridge and Cam Guthrie on Oct. 27.
New police check guidelines
The Guelph Police Service is calling attention to changes to its guidelines for police records checks, which went into effect this month.
County policing costs to go down
Wellington County will see its policing costs decrease significantly over the next five years under a new billing model for the Ontario Provincial Police.
Trustees - Upper Grand public board Wards 2,3 & 4
Susan Moziar, Carrie Proudfoot, Aaron Blair, Linda Busuttil and Rob McLean, in this order, respond to the Trib's Q@A:
Guelph Election 2014
Vote for me because . . .
Guelph Election 2014
Ward 1 candidates seek your vote
Trustee candidates: Wellington Catholic District School Board
Catholic school board supporter elect four the following five candidates.
Car crash numbers on the rise
The Guelph Police Service has noted a rise in the number of crashes in the city this year.
University of Guelph
Budgetary pressures take hold at U f G
The U of G’s College of Arts isn’t being targeted for course cuts, even though it saw by far the biggest drop in courses in a curriculum-change report that went to Senate last week, says a top university official.
Guelph Election 2012
About Guelph taxes?
What can be done to bring down Guelph’s tax rate?
Guelph Election 2012
Ward 2 candidates seek your vote
Sian Matwey, Chris Keleher Sr,. Ray Ferraro, James Gordon, Andy Van Hellemond and Martin Collier are running for council in Ward 2.
Guelph Election 2014
Good early vote turnout
With less than a week to go before election day on Oct. 27, the city is already feeling positive about voter turnout.
Guelph Election 2014
Attack ad enflames mayoral debate
A recent attack ad run by the campaign to re-elect Karen Farbridge for mayor has both Farbridge and the ad’s target, election opponent Cam Guthrie, accusing each other of a lack of transparency.
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