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Puslinch explains where some of the 3.4% tax increase is going
Puslinch council has approved a 3.4 per cent property tax hike for 2015 that it expects will contribute to a tax impact of about $229 this year for an average household in the township.
Legal clinic moving in with health centre
The Legal Clinic of Guelph and Wellington County is moving into the Community Health Centre at the beginning of April, and it will not book appointments during the first two weeks.
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Wednesday, November, 12, 2014 - 10:10:19 PM
A loss of identity in Canada, now Guelph "I guess I have been living under a delusion in Canada all these years. I was always taught that the essence of democracy was debate and every opinion having the chance to be represented. I am seriously disturbed by the response of the followers of "
Comment by brianp
Wednesday, November, 12, 2014 - 6:06:47 PM
Jaywalking big problem in Guelph "There is no doubt that there are pedestrian/traffic problems in Guelph. The city has doubled since I moved here, and we all feel the growing pains in different ways. As a historical note, did you know that the term "jaywalker" was coined by the auto"
Comment by duval
Wednesday, November, 12, 2014 - 3:03:41 PM
A loss of identity in Canada, now Guelph "Dave, I find it thoroughly disappointing that your faith in your identity as a Canadian relies on what way the government is leaning. Although I am more conservative minded myself, I am a proud Canadian whether a Grit, Tory, NDPer or otherwise were "
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Council wades into long-form census debate
A motion calling for city hall to consider urging the reinstatement of the long-form census has been passed by council on an 11-2 vote.
No code of conduct complaints at council
No news is good news when it comes to the conduct of Guelph city council members last year, says the city’s integrity commissioner.
U of G refutes alleged speech writing costs
A coalition of worker and student organizations at the University of Guelph is accusing the university of spending too much money on speech-writing for its new president, but the university is rejecting the charge.
City hall
City budget launch point set at 3.05 per cent
City staff are recommending a 3.05 per cent increase in the city’s operating budget this year.
Library hopes for van-sized bookmobile
The public library hopes to continue providing mobile services even after the current bookmobile is taken off the road next year, says the city’s chief librarian.
U of G takes stock of its investment portfolio
The University of Guelph has raised more than $200 million to tackle global food, environment, health and community challenges through the Better Planet Project
Ontario Food Cluster
Area food industry sees boost with new building
Ground has been officially broken for a 25,000-sq.-ft. building that will be the new Canadian headquarters of an operation serving Ontario’s food industry.
Among many daycare issues are cost and availability
Even early childhood educator Ashley Portt cannot afford or find space in a regulated childcare centre for her two children.
2013 ice storm
Money starts to roll in for ice storm damage
Puslinch and Centre Wellington townships have been told how much provincial help they’ll get with costs related to the December 2013 ice storm, while Guelph is getting an interim payment of $321,000 towards its claim.
Caregivers strike over
Care coordinators across the province ended their strike Friday after the Ontario Nurses Association and Community Care Access Centres agreed to arbitration.
City hall hacker competition and new portal for Q and As
City hall is inviting members of the public to use its data to develop useful computer tools and apps in an “Online Hackathon” contest.
Waste management
Bin system in the core of concern
The Downtown Guelph Business Association is going to survey its members about the new automated waste-collection system that association executive director Marty Williams calls “pretty darned ugly. ”
Guelph budget
Mayor spells out budget hopes
A long-awaited motion from Mayor Cam Guthrie that aims to make good on one of his key election promises – trying to keep property tax increases at or below the rate of inflation – is going to council Monday.
New directors at city holding company
The city holding company that manages some key city assets has announced the appointment of three new members to its board of directors.
Rally against development
2015 capital budget
Capital budget revised
City hall has unveiled a big change in its capital budgeting, and it is urging Guelph residents to have their say about the city projects they want built at a council meeting next week.
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