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U of G brass sought cash for university in Brampton
An attempt by outgoing University of Guelph president Alastair Summerlee and outgoing provost Maureen Mancuso to start a new university in Brampton while they were still in their respective positions is not being regarded as a conflict of interest, because they were simply shopping for their next job.
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Who's in, who's not, who's unsure
With 22 days to go until the nomination deadline for the Oct. 27 civic elections, some local incumbents are still keeping their options open about seeking re-election.
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Tuesday, August, 12, 2014 - 4:04:01 PM
Wilson farmhouse reduced to rubble "Thank goodness that eyesore is gone from our beautiful city. It was a farmhouse, nothing more. It's not like it had any significance like the McCrae house or something. Good riddance."
Comment by javre123
Sunday, August, 10, 2014 - 6:06:43 PM
Canada geese ruining park as playground experience "I feel bad for the geese. As we take away more and more green space and claim what little there is for our own they're limited as to where they can go. It's the situation with people that's ridiculous. There are way too many of us. Get over it."
Comment by Sarah M
Thursday, August, 07, 2014 - 3:03:51 PM
Road test St. George's Square plan, says Piper "I think it is time for the city to set up a poll at the square so people can come and sign yea or nay to this plan. Every time they unveil this plan the majority of public comments seem to be against it and yet the city is clearly going to go ahead "
Comment by bmcmulle
Seventh hat in ring
A “self-proclaimed libertarian” who is proposing severe measures to bring down the city’s debt has become the seventh person to seek the mayor’s job in this fall’s civic elections.
Woodlawn Road building smashed in theft attempt
Police are looking for some would-be thieves who smashed up a building on Woodlawn Road in an attempt to steal a cash machine.
Men busted with a cart full of merch
Two men were arrested after they tried to leave the Walmart on Tuesday afternoon with a cart full of merchandise they hadn’t paid for.
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W.C. Wood plans set for unveiling
After years of site cleanup and planning for the future of the former W. C. Wood factory land on Arthur Street, the plans for building more than 600 dwellings as well as commercial space there will be unveiled next week.
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Hidden house fetches $223,500 at auction
On the corner of Water Street and Denver Road is a quarter-acre property hidden behind an overgrown cedar grove.
Reported collisions up versus last year
The first half of 2014 was a busy one for car accidents in the city.
Life saved at university
Local emergency responders are praising public access defibrillators after one was used to help save a person at the University of Guelph on Thursday.
Lots of stolen bikes found
Police are putting the call out to local people who have recently had bikes stolen, after about 20 bicycles were seized from a home on Paisley Street.
Sona found guilty
Former Conservative Party staff member Michael Sona has been found guilty of using misleading automated phone calls to Guelph voters in the 2011 federal election.
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Shelter search on fast track
Although the organization will not need to move until the middle of 2016, the Guelph Humane Society is feeling the pressure to find a new home sooner rather than later.
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Glass greenhouse in park on way out
The city has two greenhouses in its operations yard in the northwest corner of Riverside Park, and one of them is due to be replaced.
GO Transit tinkers with fall schedule
Some minor changes to GO Transit schedules, which go into effect Aug. 30, could affect Guelph passengers.
Have you seen red car?
Police are looking for a red car with major damage to its passenger side after a hit and run collision on Monday night.
Assault charges after bus incident
Two people have been charged with assault after an incident on a city bus on Tuesday afternoon.
Industrial accident kills Milton man
The man who was killed Monday in an industrial accident in Puslinch has been identified as 47-year-old Ulando Reid of Milton.
Man found dead in swimming pool
A young man found unresponsive in a swimming pool died over the weekend.
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