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Electoral reform
Guelph fingerprints on new Grit platform
Guelph has a lot to do with an electoral reform proposal announced Tuesday by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, says MP Frank Valeriote.
Downtown street sports new look
A temporary pedestrian island on Macdonell Street at Wilson Street, which is being unveiled this week, is one of the steps being taken to enhance the experience of the 100th anniversary of the writing of In Flanders Fields.
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Thursday, June, 11, 2015 - 3:03:48 PM
Off-leash park is not a school playground "From the City of Guelph website, on leash-free zones: "When off-leash, “under control” means the dog remains close to its handler (within sight and earshot), responds to voice commands, and is prevented from approaching within one metre of oth"
Comment by Jennifer
Wednesday, June, 10, 2015 - 6:06:33 PM
Keep bridge one lane say Niska Road area residents "Big mistake!! Twice in one day people coming off Niska to Downey have pulled out in front of me, once forcing me to leave a portion of my tires on the pavement. There are also tractor trailers trying to use it from time to time which again manages to"
Comment by greatday
Thursday, May, 28, 2015 - 8:08:30 PM
Solstice 3 going to OMB over church site plans "decisions that affect cities should be made by elected reps of the cities- this is what is meant by accountablity- the omb when it steps in is not accountable to the people of guelph=our local elections have no impact on them= a bad setup/system inde"
Comment by george gary carere
Remains are of missing woman
The human remains found at a Vancouver Drive home are those of Seble “Mimi” Dietrich, Guelph Police confirmed Tuesday.
Water conservation
City hall open house seeks water conservation input
City hall is inviting water conservation suggestions from residents and businesses, and it’s holding an initial public open house on the topic Tuesday.
Board changes mind, will issue report cards
The local public school board has changed its mind and now plans to issue report cards for elementary school students after all – but not until Aug. 31.
New OVC dean here next fall
The University of Guelph has appointed a new dean of the Ontario Veterinary College.
Healthier outcomes idea behind photo show
Photos of pizza boxes, cigarette packs and factories juxtaposed with playgrounds, community spaces and friends revealed what prevents and encourages people to stay healthy in Guelph.
Motorized bicyclist crashes James Franco film set
Guelph Police arrested a man who drove a motorized bicycle into the James Franco movie set Tuesday evening.
Restructuring moves by Guelph Dance Festival
Guelph Dance has hired a new general manager as part of a big restructuring of its staff.
Donation bins
City seeks donation bin spotters
City hall is seeking the public’s help as it gets ready to start enforcing a new city bylaw amendment that will crack down on donation bins and publication dispensing boxes in the city.
St. Matthias Church
Bishop’s scope beyond sale of church
Selling the St. Matthias church property to HIP Developments for a lucrative $2 million is a necessary step to strengthen the Anglican ministry in Guelph and south-central Ontario, says Bishop Michael Bird.
Public board gives few details on student/teacher incident
The Upper Grand District School Board is providing few details about an incident last week at Ken Danby school in which a teacher was hurt by a student and required medical treatment.
Police Blotter: Witnesses wanted after assault
A female was heading home early Saturday morning when a man allegedly assaulted her near London Road and Exhibition Street.
Guelph Enabling Garden
Ready, willing, enabled
he Guelph Enabling Garden celebrated Friday its 10-year anniversary of providing people of all physical, cognitive and mental abilities the chance to enjoy Riverside Park’s beauty.
Work to rule
Work-to-rule campaign means no report cards
Elementary school students at the Upper Grand District School Board won’t get final report cards because of the work-to-rule strike action of their teachers, the board announced Monday.
Murder charge after woman goes missing
Guelph Police have charged Seble “Mimi” Dietrich’s husband with first-degree murder following her disappearance last summer.
Solstice 1
Solstice 1 nearly done
Of the 150 units in Solstice 1 on Gordon Street north of Arkell Road, only one has not sold
Local Green candidate lauded by federal leader
Gord Miller, a University of Guelph graduate who served for the last 15 years as Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner, has been acclaimed as the Green party’s candidate for the Guelph riding in the federal election set for October.
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