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Winter weather hampers blood clinics
Just like many of the region’s operations and services that have been impacted by recent heavy snowfalls, Canadian Blood Services has been hit hard, too.
Guelph man was pivotal in Trees for Tots program
Guelph’s Terry Jay will be remembered as a man who gave back to his community.
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Thursday, October, 23, 2014 - 5:05:48 PM
Two wrongs don't make a right "[The ad, while in very poor taste, appears to be within legal bounds. ] Really? [[There is no requirement that the sponsorship of an ad be revealed as part of the ad.] There certainly is, and under two Ontario Acts. Here’s from the Ontario M"
Comment by stephen
Tuesday, October, 21, 2014 - 2:02:47 PM
Attack ad enflames mayoral debate "I was really surprised to see Farbridge take out that dirty attack ad. She has always taken the high road and I wonder if desperation has set in. I also heard she fired her campaign manager. As a former Farbridge supporter I can't vote for someone th"
Comment by doormansonny
Monday, October, 20, 2014 - 1:01:19 AM
Mayor didn't answer condo call "Gary - Who are the so called experts that you claim to quote? You moved into a condo and didn't like the cost and now blame the city? Funny that Guthrie's platform is taxation and how he will magically make it fair. BTW - you live in a city where a"
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Mayor challenges councillor's claim
Mayor Karen Farbridge is challenging a claim by Coun. Bob Bell that the Hanlon Creek Business Park is “losing all kinds of money.”
New school welcoming additional registrations
The public school board has finalized the boundaries for a new school in Rockwood, paving the way for additional kindergarten and Grade 1 registrations this week for the village’s new French immersion program.
Jubilee Park honours queen
City hall says a test of a new way of designing city parks – with a lot of public input – has been a success, resulting in a plan for a new south end park whose name honours the queen.
Online tool helps businesses
A new online tool has been launched to help connect Guelph’s business community with the services they need.
City speeds up speed limit sign postings
City hall is moving ahead quickly with putting lower speed limits into effect near the city’s elementary schools.
Hot wheels thieves like to steal
Police are warning SUV and pickup truck drivers to be extra careful about locking up their vehicles after three trucks were stolen in January.
Minimum wage hike good but . . .
To a local anti-poverty group, the new minimum wage increase announced by the province is better than nothing – but it’s still not enough.
Incentive funds
Incentive fund coffers about to run dry
A total of $11.7 million in incentive grants that city hall proposes to give to the new owner of the former W.C. Wood industrial site will exhaust all of the funds in a two-year-old program for major downtown redevelopment projects.
New-look condo tower proposed
City, hydro storm costs add up
The city is getting closer to putting a price tag on the cost of cleaning up from the ice storm that hit Guelph just before Christmas.
U of G Macdonald Hall
Macdonald Hall gets $10-million transformation
The University of Guelph’s oldest student residence – Macdonald Hall – is slated to get a $10-million makeover to convert it from student housing to academic space for the College of Management and Economics.
Winterfest activites abound throughout city
Neighbourhood groups across the city will gather people together this Sunday, Feb. 2, to revel in the fun of winter during Winterfest 2014.
Wellbeing Initiative
New grant system sees recipient shift
An official says city hall is happy about the initial results of its new and “quite unique” way of allotting grants to local community groups.
Development Charges Bylaw
Bell rips new development charges
An updated development charges bylaw that city council approved this week plays right into the hands of the county when it comes to industrial development, says Coun. Bob Bell.
Call to help family hit by fatal fire
One man is dead and four people required hospital treatment after a fire that destroyed a home on Deerpath Drive on Saturday.
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