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Live provincial election coverage on Rogers
Local results in the provincial election will be broadcast live on Rogers TV.
Circle in St. George's Square not entirely embraced
Concerns about a proposed plan to turn St. George’s Square into a centralized area with a traffic circle running around the perimeter were front and centre at a public open house at city hall on Tuesday night.
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Wednesday, November, 12, 2014 - 10:10:19 PM
A loss of identity in Canada, now Guelph "I guess I have been living under a delusion in Canada all these years. I was always taught that the essence of democracy was debate and every opinion having the chance to be represented. I am seriously disturbed by the response of the followers of "
Comment by brianp
Wednesday, November, 12, 2014 - 6:06:47 PM
Jaywalking big problem in Guelph "There is no doubt that there are pedestrian/traffic problems in Guelph. The city has doubled since I moved here, and we all feel the growing pains in different ways. As a historical note, did you know that the term "jaywalker" was coined by the auto"
Comment by duval
Wednesday, November, 12, 2014 - 3:03:41 PM
A loss of identity in Canada, now Guelph "Dave, I find it thoroughly disappointing that your faith in your identity as a Canadian relies on what way the government is leaning. Although I am more conservative minded myself, I am a proud Canadian whether a Grit, Tory, NDPer or otherwise were "
Comment by CW4455
Debate illustrates big differences in key policy areas
Local NDP candidate James Gordon was in danger of catching a chill at Monday’s election debate, so icy were the exchanges between the candidates sitting on either side of him – Liz Sandals of the Liberals and Anthony MacDonald of the Progressive Conservatives.
City of Guelph
Plans for St. George's Square called 'bit of a head-scratcher'
Downtown Guelph Business Association executive director Marty Williams is skeptical about a plan that would see St. George’s Square turned into a central piazza-like space with a traffic circle running around the outside.
Possible transit strike looms larger
The union representing city bus drivers will be in a legal strike position on Monday June 16 unless a new contract can be hammered out before then.
Food trucks in Guelph not arriving soon
City hall plans to take a close look at whether it should be made easier for food trucks to operate in Guelph.
Bus operators protest outside debate
A noisy protest outside Cutten Fields just before Monday’s election debate was meant to send a message to Education Minister Liz Sandals that many school bus operators are mad at her government.
U of G union grills Hudak
A group of University of Guelph workers gathered to show their distaste for Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak with a barbecue Wednesday outside an advance poll.
New store opening Saturday at Willow West Mall
Willow West Mall’s newest addition is set to open this Saturday.
Guelph mayor recieves 'City Builder' honours
A national organization is honouring Mayor Karen Farbridge for her city-building leadership.
County mayor back on board
Centre Wellington Mayor Joanne Ross-Zuj has been re-elected to the board of directors of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and also to the post of FCM’s Ontario caucus chair.
Telecommunication tower power struggle
It appears Rogers Communications is trying to do an end run around a new city hall policy on telecommunications towers.
South end recreation centre
South end recreation centre tabbed at $59 million
The south end needs a recreation centre, and the best place for it is the South End Community Park behind Bishop Macdonell high school.
Clean Air Day
Busing free on clean air Wednesday
Guelph Transit is offering free transit service all day Wednesday on national Clean Air Day – including taking the bus to advance polls for the provincial election.
Guelph Police
Police offer public new services
Police will email and there's a new service desk
Election Notebook
Another debate, How to vote info session, PCs want Highway 7 action, NDP wants free transit on election day and many chances to watch local debate.
Wheelie not a very smart idea
A motorcycle rider was charged with dangerous driving after crashing his bike on Macdonell Street on Sunday afternoon.
Guthrie takes aim at Farbridge
Supporters of city councillor Cam Guthrie’s drive to become Guelph’s next mayor filled the Delta Hotel ballroom Thursday night to hear about his plans for the city.
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