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GO Train
GO service costs city fare penny
The expansion of GO Train service to Guelph two years ago is costing the city millions of dollars, and it will cost more as the train service expands in the future.
Substance leak sends six to hospital
Six people were taken to hospital Wednesday after a possible carbon monoxide leak at Con Cast Pipe.
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Thursday, September, 18, 2014 - 6:06:59 PM
Residents want Niska Road area to be preserved "Not just the residents - I love having this area close to work. It's a place of serenity one is able to reconnect with nature and oneself. Seriously, STOP PAVING OVER OUR GREENLANDS!"
Comment by ruseeryus
Thursday, September, 18, 2014 - 5:05:22 PM
Politicians must give voters a reason to go to the polls "It seems fairly obvious who you speak highly of, while attempting to degrade Cam Guthrie and his campaign at the same time. I prefer to speak of optimism. I went to Cam Guthrie’s free BBQ last week. I got the chance to shake his hand ask some qu"
Comment by stuburke
Wednesday, September, 17, 2014 - 4:04:52 PM
School boards big part of our lives "Trustees are closest to children's needs and parents' concerns - we need all their input and more - our system was built on the work of trustees, Vote for sure"
Comment by george gary carere
Collisions continue to pile up
Guelph Police continue to warn of winter driving hazards as collisions continue on city roads and streets.
City backs Burcher federation bid
City council has endorsed a bid by Coun. Lise Burcher to stand for re-election next June to the board of directors of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.
Southwestern Ontario road warriors
Transportation data from Statistics Canada’s 2011 National Household Survey shows the majority of Guelph’s workforce living in Guelph.
Skatepark at Speed River moves forward
City council has moved a step closer to building an $800,000 skatepark on parkland next to the Speed River, after lengthy debate about objections raised by council watchdog Hugh Whiteley.
U of G lands grants of almst $6 million
The University of Guelph is getting two grants totalling almost $6 million from the province’s Productivity and Innovation Fund, which is directing $47 million towards 120 projects at universities and colleges across the province.
Five-vehicle crash one of may
Among the 28 collisions in the city over the snowy weekend was a five-vehicle crash Friday that caused police officers to close Gordon Street for five hours while they investigated.
Feud with Canada Post simmers
A Guelph man who says he didn’t get mail at his community mailbox for a couple of weeks late last summer after it was invaded by buzzing insects has finally received a response to his complaint to Canada Post’s ombudsman.
Guelph shut out of GO holiday schedule
Local commuters who ride the GO train won’t get to head home early on Christmas Eve.
Student faces arson charge
A man who set his dorm room on fire in a suicide attempt streamed online has been charged with arson.
Red Cross Care Partners
Support workers strike
ersonal support worker Mary-Beth Pink waves at passing motorists as they honk to show support for the striking workers on Friday.
United Way
United Way exceeds campaign goal
Once again, the local community has proven its generosity by helping the Guelph-Wellington-Dufferin United Way surpass its fundraising campaign goal.
Canada Post
Two sides to the loss of door-to-door postal service
The president of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce isn’t alarmed by Canada Post’s plan to phase out door-to-door mail service and sharply raise the price of stamps, but a postal union representative says Canada Post is shooting itself in the foot.
City bylaw officers help short-handed humane society
Though the Humane Society’s animal control team is short a body, the organization’s executive director promises that 24-7 service will continue as usual.
Work begins on new head office for mental health group
A ground-breaking ceremony was held last week at the former Salvation Army headquarters on Waterloo Avenue.
Councillor invites community to town hall meeting
Ward 4 councillor Cam Guthrie will hold a town hall meeting Tuesday at the West End Community Centre.
Two new hires at city hall
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