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Stroke care improvements at Guelph General Hospital
Guelph General Hospital has expanded its emergency services to better care for stroke patients.
Guelph crossing guards
Crossing guard shortage still major concern
The city may be forced to leave some of its crossing-guard posts unmanned in the new year if it can’t attract more applicants to the job.
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Wednesday, August, 27, 2014 - 9:09:35 PM
Guelph is not Toronto "let's put the taxpayer first...sounds good to me"
Comment by george gary carere
Tuesday, August, 26, 2014 - 3:03:50 PM
Guelph is not Toronto "Yes, he sounds an awful lot like Rob Ford. Toronto's experience shows that one Rob Ford is more than enough."
Comment by Tim Allman
Monday, August, 25, 2014 - 2:02:49 PM
Seventh hat in ring "Wow, does this guy ever need a dose of reality! He sounds like Stephen Harper -- discredited ideology trumps facts every time."
Comment by Tim Allman
Campus fire posted online at time of incident
A University of Guelph student was taken to hospital with serious injuries after he set a fire in his residence room on Saturday night.
Lincoln Alexander has his day
Lincoln Alexander, the long-serving University of Guelph chancellor who was Canada’s first black MP, now has a day named after him.
Guelph Budget
Zero tax increase the goal, says Chamber president
The Guelph Chamber of Commerce says city council should be aiming towards zero annual increases in property taxes, or at least increases that are under the rate of inflation.
Guelph Police Services
Police to leave south end emergency centre
Guelph Police intend to pull most of their personnel out of the emergency services centre on Clair Road as part of their plans for a bigger central police station – which might not go on the current downtown site after all.
Overtime report ammo for new citizens' group
A local citizens’ group that has petitioned the province to conduct a thorough audit of the city’s finances and operations has added a new city hall report on overtime to its list of grievances.
New daycare centre being built by county
A brand new daycare centre is to rise by next September on the site of the Willowdale Child Care and Learning Centre, which has been closed since asbestos was found in it for a second time last May.
City reviews animal control bylaw
How many dogs or cats one person should be allowed to own and how long a dog licence should be good for are just a couple of the questions that will be examined by a working group tasked with reviewing the city’s animal control bylaw.
Transit logo
Auditor backs up tough talk
The author of a hard-hitting report on the city’s overtime practices says she chose her words carefully when she reported finding “behaviour bordering on misappropriation” at Guelph Transit.
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City ponders big bucks for core development
City hall is looking at the possibility of following in the footsteps of Kitchener, which imposed a 10-year special property tax levy to pay for a $110-million economic development investment fund.
Transit union fires another salvo at city hall
Transit union leaders are taking offence at an audit report, released earlier this month, that accused some Guelph Transit workers of borderline misappropriation.
Tourism desk to open Saturdays at city hall
City hall is going to try keeping its tourism services desk, located inside city hall, open for five hours on Saturdays.
Snow results in lots of accidents
The first significant snowfall made for unsafe driving conditions, with 50 collisions reported to police between Saturday and Sunday.
Guelph city council
City eyes consultant to examine council job description
Councillors are being asked to approve the idea of hiring a consultant to help with a formal review of the composition and employment status of Guelph city council – a sort of review that apparently has never been done before in the city’s history.
Guelph Correctional Centre
Jail land plans being tabled
Planning for development of Guelph’s former jail lands has reached a major milestone with the release of a draft version of an Official Plan amendment that needs to be approved for any development to proceed.
Trucks continue to crunch bridge
Despite the numerous signs, some truck drivers still don’t seem to be getting the message about the low clearance at the train bridge over Wyndham Street.
Want to buy a farmhouse?
Community members and organizations are being given the chance to possibly buy or lease a north-end farmhouse that has been the subject of much debate.
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