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Guelph Election 2014
About St. George's Square
In this order, mayoral candidates Cam Guthrie, Karen Farbridge and Jason Blokhuis answer the question: Why is the proposed redevelopment of St. George’s Square a good idea – or not?
Guelph Election 2014
Ward 3 candidates seek your vote
Ward 3 Trib Q&A
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Thursday, October, 23, 2014 - 5:05:48 PM
Two wrongs don't make a right "[The ad, while in very poor taste, appears to be within legal bounds. ] Really? [[There is no requirement that the sponsorship of an ad be revealed as part of the ad.] There certainly is, and under two Ontario Acts. Here’s from the Ontario M"
Comment by stephen
Tuesday, October, 21, 2014 - 2:02:47 PM
Attack ad enflames mayoral debate "I was really surprised to see Farbridge take out that dirty attack ad. She has always taken the high road and I wonder if desperation has set in. I also heard she fired her campaign manager. As a former Farbridge supporter I can't vote for someone th"
Comment by doormansonny
Monday, October, 20, 2014 - 1:01:19 AM
Mayor didn't answer condo call "Gary - Who are the so called experts that you claim to quote? You moved into a condo and didn't like the cost and now blame the city? Funny that Guthrie's platform is taxation and how he will magically make it fair. BTW - you live in a city where a"
Comment by jamie561
Bike-friendly pledge gets majority support
wo-thirds of the 44 candidates running for ward councillor or mayor of Guelph on Oct. 27 have signed a pledge to back policies that support cycling and other forms of active transportation.
Guelph Election 2014
Money matters receive mixed reviews in Ward 2 debate
The six candidates vying for the two council seats in Ward 2 don’t agree on the strength of financial management that Guelph residents have been seeing from city hall.
Ward 6 Debate: ‘Us and them’ rears its head
The two incumbents running for re-election in Ward 6 slammed the GrassRoots Guelph political action organization during the televised debate for that ward’s five candidates.
Check out school board candidates online
People will find it easier than ever to find information about people running for school boards this fall, thanks to a website being offered for the first time by the provincial associations of public and Catholic school boards.
Ward 5 Debate: Majority say no to full-time councillors
Ward 5 candidates came out almost unanimously against making the role of city councillor a full-time job during a televised all-candidates meeting.
Police leave murder scene after forensic examination
Guelph Police Service has wrapped up its investigation of the scene where a woman’s body was discovered last week.
U of G human anatomy program aims for awareness and new building
A campaign has begun to increase awareness of the human anatomy program at the University of Guelph and to kick-start a fundraising campaign for new facilities for the program.
Guelph Election 2014
How did council do the past four years?
Three mayoral candidates on how Guelph city council did last year.
Delhi Street
Hope for apartments on Delhi Street not happening
The owner of the historic nurses’ residence on Delhi Street has decided not to turn the building into apartments as originally planned.
Guelph Election 2014
Many different ways to cast a ballot on Oct. 27
This week, Internet-savvy Guelph voters can start casting their ballots for the Oct. 27 municipal election.
Guelph Election 2014
Ward 4 candidates seek youe vote
Cash infusion for ‘elderly persons centres’
Local seniors are among the beneficiaries of two recent funding announcements from the provincial government.
Operation Safe Semester
Rowdyism numbers down
The final weekend of Project Safe Semester continued to be a busy one for Guelph Police, but overall stats for the initiative seem to suggest an improvement in student behaviour over the last couple of years.
Guelph Election 2014
Guthrie denies link with GrassRoots Guelph
Mayoral candidates Cam Guthrie and Karen Farbridge tangled on Twitter over alleged ties between Guthrie’s campaign and a GrassRoots Guelph campaign.
Guelph Elction 2014
Candidate residency hot debate topic in Ward 4
Strong words were exchanged at Ward 4’s televised all-candidates meeting over where the candidates live.
Final four ward debates this week
The last four ward debates sponsored by the Guelph Chamber of Commerce and broadcast on a delayed basis by Rogers Television take place this evening (Oct. 2) and Oct. 3 in council chambers at city hall.
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