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Distracted driving charges jump

Police are reminding drivers that the cost of using a cellphone while driving has gone up.
Effective March 18, the set fine for using a hand-held communication device while driving – be it for texting, talking or even just holding it – has almost doubled. It now costs drivers $225, up from the previous fine of $125, a news release said. In addition to the set fine amount, drivers are also required to pay a $50 victim surcharge, plus $5 in court costs, bringing the grand total to $280. Police are also reminding drivers that whether they are texting or talking, or whether the device is on or off does not matter. You can be fined just for holding the phone while driving.
Police suggest using blue tooth or a dashboard mount holder for the device or not using it at all.
To use a cellphone or other hand-held electronic device in the car, the vehicle must be off the road or legally parked on the road, not moving.

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