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Fifth candidate runs for mayor’s job

A man who likes to wander the streets of Guelph not wearing shoes has thrown his hat into the ring to be Guelph’s next mayor.
Joseph St. Denis, who calls himself “Shoeless” Joseph, is also drawing attention to his beard in becoming the fifth candidate so far to file nomination papers to enter the mayoralty race.
“Bring the beard to city hall” is one of the slogans on his election material. And he has released a photo montage that shows him alongside five former bearded mayors of the city, all from the 19th century.
St. Denis, who works at the downtown computer business Datamatrix, filed his papers last week. He joined a race dominated by Mayor Karen Farbridge and Coun. Cam Guthrie, which also includes John Legere and Nicholas A. Ross.
St. Denis said it’s the first time he has ran for public office. His campaign material focuses on what he calls “the class structure of 21st century consumer democracies” – with the “ruling investor” class at the top of the heap with the most “wealth and power,” followed in descending order by the “intellectual” class, the working class, and the poor. “The binding agent which holds the system together is the media, which is mostly owned by the ruling investor class and works to sell society the values which best suit investor goals,” his material says.
“Show some class” on Oct. 27 by voting for St. Denis, it urges.

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