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Fourth victory the hardest: Sandals

For the many volunteers who helped Liz Sandals win her fourth term as Guelph’s MPP, election night was an extremely sweet occasion.
Andrew Quinn, who received a gift from Sandals after her victory speech to mark his graduation from the University of Guelph last week, is only 24 years old. But he has already worked as a volunteer in a few provincial and federal Liberal campaigns in Guelph.
“Liz is an amazing candidate, and she’s such a supporter of youth,” he said, explaining why he helped her campaign again. “So it’s only right that we give back” – the “we” referring to him and fellow members of the Guelph Young Liberals organization.
The “fun” involved is another reason he volunteered for her campaign, he added.
Sandals told a jubilant crowd of a few dozen supporters at the Guelph County Club that she faced her stiffest competition in this race.
Of all four elections, “this was the one where we had the strongest candidates from all parties,” so it was a particularly hard-fought campaign, she said Thursday night.
The local campaign was a “fair fight” with “good debates,” she told supporters who had greeted her arrival with shouts of “four-peat, four-peat.”
And of all four provincial elections in which she’s been a candidate, this was the one presenting “the clearest choice for the future of Ontario,” Sandals said. She said she was glad that voters in Guelph and the rest of Ontario had chosen “a positive future for the province.”
Sandals was relieved that her government now has a majority again. “Having sat through minority government, I’m really glad to have a majority,” she told reporters on entering the building 1 ½ hours after the polls closed.
Quinn told the Trib that what he liked most about being a campaign volunteer was that “there’s a great sense of community on a night like this . . . the feeling of accomplishment is probably the best.”
Asked what he likes the least about being a campaign volunteer, he replied with a grin, “the late nights, I guess.”
Sometimes, “angry people” showing up at a campaign office can be an unpleasant part of the role, he noted. “But not this time. It’s been good.”
For campaign volunteer Mary Simpson, there’s a simple reason that she does it. “Oh, because it’s so important,” she replies when asked. “I think Liz has done such a wonderful job,” she continued. “We’re so impressed with her work.”
Asked what she likes most about the role, she said: “It’s so worthwhile. It’s so important to make sure we have the right government in place.”
She said there is nothing she doesn’t like about being a campaign volunteer.

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