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Gas thefts on the rise

With the rising price of gas, police are noting a rise in gas thefts.
So far, Wellington County OPP have investigated thefts of fuel they call “drive offs,” where self-serve customers fill their tanks and drive away without paying, a news release said.
In some cases, this type of theft may leave the gas station employee on the hook for the cash register shortfall, it said.
Thieves may also use a siphon hose to steal fuel from private tanks, the release said.
Police offer the following list of tips to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of this crime:
• Consider installing a locking gas cap. Many “fuel doors” that open remotely or with a key are flimsy and easily compromised.
• Avoid parking in dark, isolated areas (especially for extended periods).
• At home, park in a locked garage where possible, or park as close as possible to the house and avoid parking on the street.
• If parking on a street or in a parking lot, try to park so the fuel door is visible to you or other residents in the area.
• If you have bulk fuel stored on your property, ensure you lock the tank and or dispenser to prevent access.
• Call police if you witness suspicious activity in an area where fuel is stored or around parked vehicles. Record the suspect’s licence plate number and/or vehicle and suspect descriptions.

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