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Guelph General Hospital the best in providing MRI patient services

Guelph General Hospital has recently learned that it is tops in the province when it comes to getting patients an MRI.
“I believe it’s due to empowering the staff and creating a work environment that’s safe to share ideas,” the hospital’s MRI team lead, Jennifer Verkaik, said in a news release. “We’ve had numerous meetings in regards to process improvements with our staff and had tremendous support from the top down.”
The numbers, which the province sends out to hospitals in monthly reports, show that the local hospital is the best at getting patients scanned quickly during the MRI suite’s operating hours, the release said.
Verkaik gives credit to the hospital’s director of diagnostic imaging, Mike Sharma, for encouraging innovation and to chief of diagnostic imaging Dr. Samir Patel for being “amazing to work with.”
“The recognition that we’re the best in the province is a cool thing,” said Verkaik. “I believe there’s a real opportunity to take the GGH model on the road and share it with other hospitals.”
The hospital’s MRI was purchased with money raised through the Foundation of the Guelph General Hospital’s MRI & More campaign.

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