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Tribune Photo By Doug Hallett

Tribune Photo By Doug Hallett

Coun. Cam Guthrie speaks on Thursday during an event that saw him announce that he is running for mayor.

Guthrie running for mayor

Just hours after nominations opened for next fall’s civic elections, Coun. Cam Guthrie announced he is running for mayor of Guelph.

Guthrie, 38, who won a Ward 4 seat in the 2010 civic elections, made the announcement at 12:30 p.m. today (Jan. 2) near the west end Zehrs and across Elmira Road from the site where a big Costco store is under construction.

More than 75 people were out to hear him in frigid weather.

This is the announcement speech he gave, which has been posted on his new campaign website –

Good afternoon,

Friends, today is an important day for the residents of this city.

Today we start the journey forward to fiscal responsibility, less government waste and a renewed openness to business

Today is the day that I announce that I am running to be your Mayor.

I am honoured to stand here, near our community centre, in the ward that I have the privilege of representing.

As a Councillor, I have worked tirelessly to deliver on the promises that I made to the voters as a candidate.

And I followed through.

I promised to increase communication.

And I delivered.

I promised to watch out for the pennies at City Hall, because they’re your pennies, and you work hard for them.

And I delivered.

I promised to address the cleanliness of our neighbourhoods by creating an online graffiti reporting system.

And I delivered.

I promised, unlike other politicians in this city, I would vote against increases to Council salaries every year.

And I delivered.

I promised more choices in commercial opportunities and jobs.

And I delivered.

Look behind you. Look behind me.

I delivered what I promised.

And now I want to extend those promises beyond Ward 4.

I’ve already connected with every corner of this City.

Residents from the east, south, and north have called and emailed me saying they feel ignored, and I have reached out beyond my ward and CONNECTED them to the right people at the right time to help in their time of need.

And I keep my promises. I know that’s rare for a politician these days, but that’s how I operate.

That’s how my family operates, too.

The Guthrie family has been rooted in Guelph since 1919. Almost 100 years. We are entrepreneurs, bakers, health care professionals, ministers, insurance brokers, IT professional and teachers. We understand that if you want success in life, you work hard.

Many of you remember my grandfather who owned in our downtown core the Guthrie Bakery. Famous for his lemon slices, but remembered for his principled convictions, his love of the people of Guelph, and his willingness to always give back to the community.

He instilled that philosophy in my father, my father has passed that on to me, and my wife Rachel and I are passing that on to our children, Anakin and Adelaide.

And I plan to continue working hard for a better Guelph. The most common observation I hear from the good people of this City, on almost every issue is this:


And I could not agree more.

I want a better Guelph. And I will deliver a better Guelph.

Will more commercial opportunities create a better Guelph?

Will more jobs right here in our community create a better Guelph?

Will an improved environment for more private sector jobs create a better Guelph?

Will lower taxes create a better Guelph?

Will moulding transit to us, rather than us to it create a better Guelph?

Will the improved delivery of core city services create a better Guelph?


Yes to increased commercial opportunities.

Yes to initiating job creation.

Yes to lower taxes.

Yes to ensuring efficient, cost-effective transit.

Yes to improved core service delivery.

Because a better Guelph, makes our lives better. It make yours better!

But friends, I can’t do this alone. So join me. Join me on this countdown as I lead us toward a better Guelph.

Join the Better Guelph campaign and visit us online at

On Oct. 27, a better Guelph will become a reality if you give me the opportunity and honour of leading you.

Thank you.

One Response to “Guthrie running for mayor”

  1. Tim says:

    His codswallop is so bereft of content that it’s hard to find anything to agree or disagree with. There’s certainly no sign of original thinking or vision in his flimsy platform. “I want a better Guelph. And I will deliver a better Guelph.” Wow! “I promised to increase communication. And I delivered.” That’s new! “Yes to lower taxes.” Whoopee! “Yes to improved core service delivery.” Lower taxes will help this a lot!

    We saw the results of this during the Quarrie years and we see it happening in Rob Ford’s Toronto. Guelph could be better but vacuous dog whistle rhetoric will not make it so.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 8

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