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Guthrie takes aim at Farbridge

Supporters of city councillor Cam Guthrie’s drive to become Guelph’s next mayor filled the Delta Hotel ballroom Thursday night to hear about his plans for the city.
Guthrie told a sold-out crowd at his “A Better Guelph” dinner that he plans to take Guelph on a different path than current mayor Karen Farbridge.
“Karen Farbridge operates the bulldozer to demolish your business. I bring the shovel to help you dig the first hole so you can pour the foundation for your business to succeed,” said Guthrie in a news release following the event.
Guthrie criticized Farbridge’s spending, saying “If I have a dollar in my pocket, I cannot purchase five dollars worth of goods. Yet she believes that as long as I want that five- dollar item, and it will make me happy, everybody else should have a vested interest in purchasing it for me.
“But we can’t afford that because I’m not willing to build the future on your backs. I’m not willing to sacrifice today for tomorrow because, if we’re smart about it, we can thrive at both,” he said.
Guthrie implied that Farbridge’s strategy is to take on global issues, but what local people really want are things such as well-maintained roads, weekly garbage pickup, nearby sports facilities and safe neighbourhoods.

One Response to “Guthrie takes aim at Farbridge”

  1. Tim Allman says:

    It would be interesting to see Guthrie back up his accusations with evidence. I don’t expect it though. He seems not to be able to get beyond slogans.

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