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Council compensation

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The honorarium for other council members last year was $29,935.

No one on council — including mayor — hit $100,000 mark

None of the members of city council, including Mayor Karen Farbridge – who is the only council member considered to work full-time for the city – made over $100,000 last year.
A separate report of compensation for city council members, which was released Thursday, said Farbridge got an “honorarium” of $90,362 in 2011. She received an additional $3,000 for sitting on the Guelph Police Services Board.
The honorarium for other council members last year was $29,935. However, Coun. Cam Guthrie has refused to take any annual salary increase since being elected in 2010, and his honorarium in 2011 was $28,797.
One-third of council honorariums are tax-free. Up to a certain annual limit, council members are also allowed to claim “sundry expenses” related to training and conferences. Sundry expenses claimed in 2011 were $4,812 for Farbridge and amounts ranging from $370 to $2,805 for some other council members. Five councillors – Guthrie, Ian Findlay, Karl Wettstein, Andy Van Hellemond and Todd Dennis – didn’t claim any sundry expenses last year.
On top of regular council honorariums last year, Coun. Bob Bell got a $1,503 honorarium for being on the board of the Grand River Conservation Authority, and Coun. Maggie Laidlaw got $2,189 for her GRCA duties. Coun. Gloria Kovach got $3,000 for being on the Guelph Police Services Board in 2011.

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