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Police warning of bicycle thefts

Police are reminding people to be careful about the way they store their bikes after receiving 25 reports of bicycle thefts in the first three weeks of July.

In many of these thefts, which happened throughout the city, bikes were locked up but left outside residences, and thieves cut the locks off to take the bikes, a news release said.

“Bike locks should not be used as a long-term outdoor security method for a bike,” it said.

When possible, bikes should be locked away in the home, garage or shed, it said. When traveling with a bike, a lock increases the safety for short-term storage, but it is not a 100 per cent guarantee.

People who have had a bike stolen can report the theft online at

Info that will help police to find and return a bike includes a detailed description of the make and model, the serial number, colours, brake and gear makes, seat type, handle-bar type and any other feature that may stand out on the bike.

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