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Public will get a chance to see how central square will work

More public consultation on the future of St. George’s Square is being proposed by city staff as part of addressing concerns about how a new type of square would function.
City staff’s recommended concept of a central square surrounded by a one-way road has created concerns about “potential creation of a centralized unactivated new space,” says a new city staff report that goes to a council committee on Aug. 5.
The report includes several “activation vignettes” – sketches of how the central square could be used for things such as an open plaza, market stalls, food truck festivals, concerts, children’s festivals, interactive public art, holiday displays, a pavilion and even temporary parking.
“These vignettes demonstrate the flexibility of the design concept, and give direction to the types of activation that could occur,” the report says.
Some people don’t feel comfortable spending time in certain parts of St. George’s Square in its “quadrant” layout, which dates back to 1981, the report says. Currently, the square is “fragmented” and hard to use for special events, it says. The report proposes spending $60,000 in 2015 and 2016 on an “activation management program” to pave the way for proper use of a redesigned St. George’s Square. This would include further opportunities for public engagement that would help in fine-tuning design work on a transformed square, the report says.

3 Responses to “Public will get a chance to see how central square will work”

  1. bmcmulle says:

    We need 100 percent of transit routes that go to GCS to also go through the square.We only have 7 routes serving the square and this means people on about 70 percent of our buses are not receiving equal service to downtown.This is a real hardship on seniors,people with mobility issues and parents with kids.If they can factor in room for some buses to go through then there should be room for all of them.I have sent over 250 email complaints to the mayor,council and transit officials with my concerns about seniors in 2 1/2 years and not once have any of them even acknowledged that I raised this concern.Time for the city to provide fair and equal service to all and then implement their plans around that.Hopefully people will vote out this mayor and council this year so we can all have a true say in the vision for Guelph.

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  2. george gary carere says:

    this is a lot of taxpayer’s money for a downtown that cannot seem to get it right-this item should be put on the ballot for voters to choose

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  3. george gary carere says:

    council should find tenants who will agree to lease propeties if this rearranging is done-we taxpayers are still waiting for the quebec steer indoor mall to take off- i do not consider moving the library and renting space to the provincial government successful return of taxpayers dollars-council failed in 1981 and2012 – we are in no hurry to give them the keys to the vault-let city reps and the people speak to the issue of the failure to find successful taxping paying tenants…… later

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