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South end bears brunt of downtown rowdyism

Once again downtown gets all the attention. (“Police crackdown set for downtown,” Tribune, Aug. 17). Good for them.

I can hardly wait for the start of school each year. What about those ‘crazy kids’ when they get dropped off by the buses at the university and come wandering through the neighbourhoods shouting, singing, swearing, puking, dropping food containers, knocking over mail boxes, stealing lawn ornaments and otherwise having a wonderful time?

Who will protect us from the constant nuisance of late night parties held after the bars close? Ahh, the sound of taxis bleeping their horns and the slamming of house doors over and over again as passengers come and go in the early morning hours. Early like 3 to 4 a. m.?

Where are the signs saying “Residential Neighbourhood -Quiet 11 p. m. -7 a. m.”? Where are sufficient bylaw officers and police to come to the south end neighbourhoods to keep things under control?

Not coming again this year until we call? Thanks for the concern and the return on my tax dollars.

Sound bitter? Could be!

Sue Ricketts


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