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Two others running for mayor

One of three candidates who have filed nomination papers to run for mayor says he promises to vote according to the wishes of the majority of people who contact him on any given issue.
“Ideally, it would be an app, but not everyone has a smartphone,” so there would also need to be other ways of contacting him, John Legere said in a phone interview after filing his papers Friday.
“I am not a politician. I don’t have any experience running for any office,” he said. “My motivation for running is to change – improve, if you will – the way we are represented.”
Legere, 40, said he wants people to have a way to influence events at city hall “on an ongoing basis, instead of voting every four years.” Under the current city hall system, “on an ongoing basis we have no say in what is being done,” he said.
He sees running for mayor, as opposed to a council seat, as a way to get more publicity for his idea about changing the way people are represented by those they elect. “I think I’ll be successful in at least getting my idea across” by running for mayor, he said. “If you run for mayor, you get more publicity.”
Legere, who has lived in Guelph for 12 years and commutes to a job in the automotive trade in Mississauga, had no complaints about the way things have been going at city hall, aside from wanting to tie voting patterns to ongoing input from citizens.
“I love Guelph. I don’t have any negative comments,” he said when asked what he thought about the current council. “I hope one of the appeals is that I am not a politician,” he said.
The other person whose name appeared Friday on the city’s 2014 election website as a mayoral candidate was Nicholas A. Ross. Unlike other candidates, who listed their phone numbers and email addresses, Ross provided no contact information aside from a phone number that he said was for “texting only.” An attempt to reach Ross via texting was unsuccessful.

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