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U of G scores stress day

University of Guelph students will be giving up one of their study days at the end of the fall semester in exchange for a longer Thanksgiving holiday.
Starting in the fall 2014 semester, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving Monday will become a study break day for U of G students. The proposal, which was made by the Central Student Association, was approved by the university’s Senate at its Feb. 10 meeting, said a news brief posted online on atGuelph.
The proposal stemmed from concerns about student stress and anxiety, with the day intended to give students more time to get support from family and friends during the Thanksgiving holiday, it said.
But the lengthened Thanksgiving break means a teaching day will be added at the end of the semester, meaning there will be only two days, rather than three, separating the end of classes and the start of exams.
The decision is getting mixed reviews from students.
“I really would think that people with mental health issues would be more stressed about less days before exams than an extra day for Thanksgiving,” said one comment on a social media post.
“I think this break will really make a difference to myself and others who suffer from stress and anxiety all semester, not just around exams,” said another.
The University of Guelph has a reading week break in the winter semester, but not in the fall.

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