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Waste survey results are in

Local residents feel strongly that improving waste reduction at apartment buildings and condos, and at businesses, should be a priority for the city.

According to the results of a recent survey conducted as part of the city’s solid waste management master plan review, 61 per cent of respondents “strongly agree” that helping multi-residential properties find more waste reduction solutions should be a priority. The numbers were very similar for helping businesses find waste reduction solutions.

But when it comes to paying for solutions, “they do not support a property tax increase to fund programs designed to increase waste diversion,” a news release said.

The survey was intended to gauge attitudes  about Guelph’s waste management programs.

It randomly selected 400 households in Guelph to take part over the phone, and it was also available online.

A total of 209 residents completed the survey between Sept. 12 and Oct. 31, the release said. More than half of those live in multi-residential properties, it said.

Among the notable findings, three-quarters of those who took the phone survey and 68 per cent of online respondents support the use of waste-to-energy technology as an alternative to landfill, it said.

The majority of participants were not in favour of a user-fee system where residents pay for garbage based on what they produce instead of through their taxes.

Among their concerns, they felt “they pay enough in taxes already,” the results said.

The survey results, along with other community input, will be used by the master plan review steering committee to develop recommendations for council.

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