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Wellington Water Watchers back water-taking restrictions

Wellington Water Watchers is expressing its concern over Nestlé Waters Canada’s appeal of water-taking restrictions required in times of drought.
The organization, along with the Council of Canadians, filed to be a party at the Environmental Appeals Tribunal. The tribunal, which has its preliminary hearing today (Feb. 21), was initiated by Nestlé’s objection to mandatory water reductions in times of drought, a news release said.
“The summer of 2012 saw debilitating drought to the extent that some municipalities were on water restrictions right through November, Guelph Eramosa for example,” Water Watchers chair Mike Nagy said in the release.
“It would be totally inconsistent and unfair to ask citizens to conserve while a corporation continues to pump and profit during times of water stress,” said board member Kim Gutt in the release.
Under the conditions of Nestlé’s 2012 renewal of its permit to take water in Hillsburgh for bottling, the company is mandated by the Ministry of the Environment to reduce water pumping by 10 per cent during Level 1 drought conditions. A further reduction of  20 per cent has been a stipulation during Level 2 droughts, the release said. Nestlé is appealing these restrictions, it said.
Concerned citizens can participate in the hearing by registering. For more information, contact Paul De Medeiros at 416-314-4600 or
Today’s preliminary hearing takes place at 10 a.m. in the George Root Conference Room at 5684 Trafalgar Rd. in Hillsburgh.

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