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Wilson farmhouse

Tribune photo by Jessica Lovell

As a reminder of its existence, some parts will be saved.

Wilson farmhouse reduced to rubble

Neighbourhood residents came out to watch the show last week as the Wilson farmhouse finally met its end. The aging house – a last remaining reminder of the area’s agricultural past – occupied a corner of a community park in the Northern Heights subdivision. It became a controversial subject as many residents of the north-end neighbourhood wanted to see the house torn down and the lot become park land, while heritage advocates wanted to see the house saved and restored for community use. The demolition backers ultimately won out, with city council deciding earlier this year to have the house torn down. As a reminder of its existence, some parts will be saved.. Some of the house’s windows were also salvaged for this purpose. The rest of the rubble will be recycled, if possible.

One Response to “Wilson farmhouse reduced to rubble”

  1. javre123 says:

    Thank goodness that eyesore is gone from our beautiful city. It was a farmhouse, nothing more. It’s not like it had any significance like the McCrae house or something. Good riddance.

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