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Wyndham Street reconstruction tricky business

There are a few different options being considered chen it comes to how to do the reconstruction work needed for Wyndham Street and St. George’s Square.
A concept document showing a possible redesign of the square that could be part of future reconstruction work suggests the following approaches are being considered:
• A one-phase approach that would see all of Wyndham Street North and St. George’s Square done at once;
• A two-phase approach, which would see Wyndham Street reconstructed first, followed by St. George’s Square, or vice versa;
• A three-phase approach, moving south to north, reconstructing Wyndham Street from Macdonell to the square first, then St. George’s Square, followed by Wyndham from the square to Woolwich Street.
“In all of the options noted above, pedestrian access to businesses must be retained at all times,” the document said. “The renewal of St. George’s Square will remake this important space into one that is intricately tied to the identity of the city. Careful and methodical planning by a dedicated team will be required to ensure this vision is realized.”
The current capital budget does not include the full reconstruction of the square, it said.
The additional investment, based on preliminary estimates and budget forecasts, is estimated at about $6 million to $6.5 million for the proposed concept for a centralized square, it said. “This reflects a level of quality similar to Market Square,” it said.

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