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People before dogs in city parks
Dear Editor: I read with amazement the letter to the editor submitted by Patti Scott(“Off-leash park not school playground,” Tribune, June 11).
A true coalition comes together
Dear Editor:“When you walked in the room, you’re smack in the face of community,” said Mayor Cam Guthrie at the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition’s second annual general meeting last week at the Evergreen Seniors Centre.
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Thursday, June, 11, 2015 - 3:03:48 PM
Off-leash park is not a school playground "From the City of Guelph website, on leash-free zones: "When off-leash, “under control” means the dog remains close to its handler (within sight and earshot), responds to voice commands, and is prevented from approaching within one metre of oth"
Comment by Jennifer
Wednesday, June, 10, 2015 - 6:06:33 PM
Keep bridge one lane say Niska Road area residents "Big mistake!! Twice in one day people coming off Niska to Downey have pulled out in front of me, once forcing me to leave a portion of my tires on the pavement. There are also tractor trailers trying to use it from time to time which again manages to"
Comment by greatday
Thursday, May, 28, 2015 - 8:08:30 PM
Solstice 3 going to OMB over church site plans "decisions that affect cities should be made by elected reps of the cities- this is what is meant by accountablity- the omb when it steps in is not accountable to the people of guelph=our local elections have no impact on them= a bad setup/system inde"
Comment by george gary carere
Will it be one lane or two?
Editorial: The position taken by Heritage Guelph on replacing Niska Road’s one-lane bridge with a two-lane bridge is an interesting addition to a hot debate that council appears set to decide when city staff present recommendations in the fall.
If I only knew what I do now
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: Every time I come up with a brilliant idea, it has been taken.
Guelph Historical Society pays tribute to McCrae and students
Dear Editor: As a tribute to honour the 100th anniversary of John McCrae’s writing In Flanders Fields, the Guelph Historical Society presented all Grade 12 history students for this school year with the society’s signature book Perspectives on a Century of Change in Guelph 1900-2000.
Intriguing speculation
Editorial: It’s intriguing to speculate how the Ward 3 race might have ended if ranked balloting had been in place last fall.
Very nice then and now
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: In all of my more than 30 years here in Guelph, I have heard nary a negative word about the place – from outsiders, that is.
Midway dominates multicultural festival
Dear Editor: I would like to offer some feedback on Guelph's Multicultural Festival 2015
Former church zoned institutional for reason
Dear Editor: Regarding the recent commentary on the proposed zoning change for 171 Kortright Road:
My personal truth and reconciliation
Tribune column by Doug Hallett: When I was growing up in Manitoba, my parents told us kids about our heritage in terms of fractions.
Let good times roll
Editorial: Festival in various locales giving people lots to do and see.
School Latin lesson comes to mind
Dear Editor: When I was a cheeky schoolgirl back in the 1930s, I asked one of my teachers, “Do teachers go on strike?”
Guelph does not live in isolation
Dear Editor:Why is Guelph consistently ranked near the top for low unemployment and for one of the best places to live in Canada?
St.Matthias church plans win-win
Dear Editor: While observing the debate over St. Matthias, one tends to forget that Guelph needs more housing, not churches.
Developer should withdraw appeal
Dear Editor: How noble of Scott Higgins, president of HIP Developments, to finally end his silence regarding the proposed Solstice 3 student-housing development at the corner of Kortright and Edinburgh (Tribune, June 2).
Baggage but could still win
Editorial: Gloria Kovach is carrying some baggage as she lifts the Conservative banner for this year’s federal election.
Developer willing to amend Solstice 3 plans at site of former church
Dear Editor: I would like to share HIP Developments’ plans for the 171 Kortright site that is now garnering almost daily press.
Follow Copenhagen’s lead when it comes to bicycling
Dear Editor: Why is the city catering to so few bicyclists? Lane Sutherland’s letter to the editor (Tribune, May 26) said that only 1% of the population commute by bicycle. Why cater to them? After all, cars are faster and cars are safer . . .
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