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Garbage In Garbage Out?
Dear editor: Way back in the ’60s when computerization of data gathering and analysis was nascent, the acronym GIGO was coined.
Yard waste focus again
Editorial: It’s good news city hall has concluded that Guelph residents want to keep spring and fall yard waste collection. What’s not necessarily great, though, is the way that city staff are proposing to save it.
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Tuesday, July, 22, 2014 - 10:10:03 PM
Mayor responds to Guthrie salvo "Guthrie, Furfaro and Hellemond are very irresponsible in undermining the city's position before damages have been assessed and a decision on appeal has been made. They just may have upped the bill and made an appeal more difficult. Shame."
Comment by Tim Allman
Tuesday, July, 22, 2014 - 10:10:23 PM
Bus drivers locked out "Why lock them out? Why not wait for a strike or for negotiations to go somewhere? Perhaps the answer is that the city saves money as long as they are not paying their employees and the sooner the better. The employees and the riders don't matter."
Comment by Tim Allman
Saturday, July, 12, 2014 - 3:03:02 PM
Guest Editorial: Making Guelph a Better Place "Yes! And support your local Arts Council! As Astero says "arts improve a community's well-being.""
Comment by Pandora
Taking care of artistic sensibilities
Up for Debate column by Jessica Lovell: Much discussion and commentary ensued when the Gryphon statue was unveiled at the gateway to the University of Guelph campus.
OPP targetting speeders misses mark
Dear Editor: Today I read an article that stated: “OPP officers laid nearly 300,000 speeding charges across the province in 2013.
Majority government not a relief for some
Dear Editor: No doubt the majority government is a huge relief for Liz Sandals and the Ontario Liberal party (Tribune, June 17).
Voters look to future rather than the past
The View from Here column by Alan Pickersgill: There were no big surprises in the June 12 provincial election results.
Statue new city hot spot
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: Guelph has a new icon in the form of a mythical creature called a Gryphon on the northeast corner of Gordon Street and Stone Road.
Future of fund as budget item
Editorial: It’s no great surprise that the proposed Guelph Economic Investment Fund, which was much ballyhooed at a special city council meeting in February, wasn’t even discussed at last Wednesday’s follow-up meeting.
Glad buses out of square
Dear Editor: In response to Brian McMullens letter to the editor (Tribune, June 19), I find it incredible that anyone would want the buses back in St. George’s Square.
Guelph Gryphon statue
Online chat about Gryphon statue
The unveiling of the University of Guelph’s newest piece of art was not without a little controversy.
Protecting city heritage
Editorial:With council set to make a final decision by September on creating Guelph’s first heritage conservation district, the city will hold a public open house on Tuesday June 24 at city hall.
City sidewalks marked, now it is time to fix them
Dear Editor: For the last three years, someone from the city works department has come along Candlewood Drive and spray-painted orange paint on all the raised edges of the sidewalks.
Help core businesses, get buses back in square
Dear Editor: When the city held its recent preview of plans for St. George’s Square, the public once again rose up with complaints and business owners with concerns about further loss of business (Tribune, June 5).
Now's the time for Sandals to make her mark
Editorial: After a hard-fought campaign, Liz Sandals ended up Thursday night where she has been every election night starting in 2003 – with over 40 per cent of the vote in Guelph and everyone else eating her dust.
Vote for who you want rather than against who you don’t
Dear Editor: From what I’ve heard, the surprising shift in seats after Thursday’s election was mainly attributed to strategic voting.
Shout-out to Guelph workers who came to the aid of picnic
Dear Editor: Our special education department had the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful day at Exhibition Park with a group of our dynamic teens and their ever-devoted Best Buddies.
Wonderful surprise in mailbox
Dear Editor: I have never done this before. But I was hoping to maybe have a little thank you note in the paper.
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