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Outraged by tax hikes
No budget target may give mayor pause now but this story isn’t over
Mayor Cam Guthrie faced a council vote Monday directly related to his campaign pledge. And he lost.

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Friday, August, 28, 2015 - 12:12:13 AM
High-ranked bureaucrat leaving Guelph for the Soo "There's something going on at city hall again - why are senior bureaucrats leaving either out the front or back doors? What happened to Bruce Poole?? As a long serving CBO for the City, why is he shown the back door without any explanation??? Seems q"
Comment by paul smith
Tuesday, August, 25, 2015 - 8:08:08 PM
Townhouses now proposed instead of condo "Please excuse autocorrect... above should be CANNOT be trusted"
Comment by greatday
Tuesday, August, 25, 2015 - 7:07:41 PM
Townhouses now proposed instead of condo "This is such a crock. An out of town development firm playing bully and his last quote just proves it. Do it our way or else. I will never buy anything this firm builds just on principle ... am pretty sure they can be trusted with the stance they ha"
Comment by greatday
Bike-lane recommendation goes against city master plan
City staff has recommended that bike lanes not be included in the rebuilding of Speedvale Avenue East between Riverview Drive and Manhattan Court.
Church teamwork sets a great example
Thank you for Samantha Beattie’s heartwarming article on the collaboration between Westminster-St. Paul’s and Third Day Worship Churches.
Get Guelph in the Greenbelt
My wish is to hear the mayor, city councillors, residents and everybody involved enthusiastically support the idea of integrating Guelph in the Greenbelt.
Are bike lanes on Speedvale worth it?
I felt compelled to reach out and provide some input from a resident who lives on Stevenson Street North.
Speedvale not the dilemma it’s been made out to be
It sure seems like council has its hands full with the Speedvale Avenue project on the books.
Taxes to CPI push resonated with voters
As the campaign manager for Mayor Cam Guthrie during last year’s municipal election, I can attest to the fact that one of, if not the, main issues was the continual increases in property taxes under the former mayor’s leadership.
New editor, new look for Guelph Tribune
For those of you who may have missed the announcement in last Tuesday’s edition, here I am, the new editor of the Guelph Tribune.
From the Stands: Royal City loses loveable local legend
The beautiful fabric that makes Guelph a wonderful city in which to live lost an important thread last week.
Can’t win for losing in this debate
Editorial: Council is facing a no-win situation when it comes to a design for rebuilding a stretch of Speedvale Avenue.
Guelph Matters
Too late to close the barn door
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: I call this photograph that I took a while ago Too Late to Close the Barn Door.
In defence of elementary school teachers
Dear Editor: In his letter “Enough is enough, teachers”(Tribune, June 18), Richard Buck likens teachers working to rule as comparable to children having a temper tantrum.
Province playing dirty
Dear Editor: A June 18 letter to the editor in the Guelph Tribune characterized elementary teachers as privileged, spoiled brats who the public may need to use necessary discipline on. The writer’s venom was based on the misconception that teachers are looking for an increase in pay.
Simplify bargaining process
Dear Editor: I think the majority of people, not working as civil servants, agree with some of Richard Buck’s ramblings in his letter “Enough is enough, teachers” (Tribune, June 18). I would like to get my two cents worth into the conversation.
Some simple arithmetic
Dear Editor: It’s too bad that Richard Buck has chosen to compare teachers’ work-to-rule action to children having a temper tantrum (Tribune letters, June18). It sound as if he thinks the conditions teachers work
Too many Triblets to honour in this space
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: : The number of people who have passed through the turnstiles of the Guelph Tribune over the years has been a lot.
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