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New initiative should save lives
Dear Editor: Yes! I applaud the province’s decision to inject some cash into the mental health services and agencies in our cities over the next three years (Tribune, March 12).
Kudos to water services
Dear Editor: We returned from vacation last week with a three-year-old, a 10-month-old and a nasty stomach bug to find we were one of 160 or so homes in Guelph with frozen pipes.
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Wednesday, November, 12, 2014 - 10:10:19 PM
A loss of identity in Canada, now Guelph "I guess I have been living under a delusion in Canada all these years. I was always taught that the essence of democracy was debate and every opinion having the chance to be represented. I am seriously disturbed by the response of the followers of "
Comment by brianp
Wednesday, November, 12, 2014 - 6:06:47 PM
Jaywalking big problem in Guelph "There is no doubt that there are pedestrian/traffic problems in Guelph. The city has doubled since I moved here, and we all feel the growing pains in different ways. As a historical note, did you know that the term "jaywalker" was coined by the auto"
Comment by duval
Wednesday, November, 12, 2014 - 3:03:41 PM
A loss of identity in Canada, now Guelph "Dave, I find it thoroughly disappointing that your faith in your identity as a Canadian relies on what way the government is leaning. Although I am more conservative minded myself, I am a proud Canadian whether a Grit, Tory, NDPer or otherwise were "
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Owens Corning will keep residents posted
Dear EDitor: Owens Corning thanks all who came out to our March 5 community information sessions, including our employees, neighbours, local officials, and Ministry of the Environment and climate change representatives.
Cut remains a curiosity
Editorial: The Tribune was overly hasty last week in accusing Mayor Cam Guthrie of “political interference” in staff’s budget preparation, in connection with the removal of $10,000 from a reserve fund for investigations by the city’s integrity commissioner.
Woodlawn Road sidewalks a must
Dear Editor: Yvette Tendrick's delegation to city council describing the lack of a proper cleared path on Woodlawn Road brought back memories of my experience of trying to walk to work in winter (Tribune, March 5).
Don't cut back Sunday bus service
Dear Editor: I write to second your call for continued 30-minute transit service on Sundays (Tribune, March 5).
Appreciative of city’s trail blazers
Dear Editor: A number of letter writers have supported and complained about the plowing of Guelph’s sidewalks.
Not sheepish backing Green Party
Dear Editor: I Ioved the cartoon: 2015 Year of the Sheep, Conservative, Liberal, NDP (Tribune, Feb. 24).
Mother Nature has not been very nice
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: The past two winters have not been kind to some of us.
Heritage preserved
Editorial: Kudos all around to those whose efforts have led to the long-awaited day when the future would brighten for the downtown’s historic but neglected Petrie Building.
Emission standards must be met
Dear Editor: The Owens Corning fibreglass plant on York Road in Guelph has applied to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment for a site-specific standard to reduce its emissions of hexavalent chromium to only 85%, instead of meeting the new standard of 99% reduction.
Preserve Niska Road area
Dear Editor: Re: The article on the future of the Niska Road bridge (Tribune, March 5)
Transit going in reverse
Editorial: When Guelph added Sunday bus service in 2001 and holiday bus service in 2007, it was part of growing up as a city. Sunday shopping wasn’t even permitted in Ontario until the early 1990s, but things change.
Aggregate extraction big issue for City of Guelph
Dear Editor: This letter was originally sent to Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie and members of city council.
Township council there to represent constituents
Dear Editor: I was recently warmed by the outstanding efforts of the members of the Concerned Residents Coalition and their very professional presentation to a packed house at Eden Mills Community Centre.
Curious business
Editorial: Mayor Cam Guthrie thinks, justifiably, that after campaigning on a promise to try to limit city tax hikes to the rate of inflation, he has a mandate to push this agenda. He’s doing so by seeking majority support on council.
Fossil free wishful thinking
Dear Editor: would like to do an audit on the members of University of Guelph student group Fossil Free Guelph (Tribune, Feb. 24).
Just another fee at U of G
Dear Editor: As a University of Guelph alumnus for some 35 years, a retiree and a family man with grown children, I find myself in a conundrum about this issue “U of G refutes alleged speech writing costs” (Tribune, Feb. 26).
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