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Vote for who you want rather than against who you don’t
Dear Editor: From what I’ve heard, the surprising shift in seats after Thursday’s election was mainly attributed to strategic voting.
Shout-out to Guelph workers who came to the aid of picnic
Dear Editor: Our special education department had the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful day at Exhibition Park with a group of our dynamic teens and their ever-devoted Best Buddies.
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Tuesday, July, 22, 2014 - 10:10:03 PM
Mayor responds to Guthrie salvo "Guthrie, Furfaro and Hellemond are very irresponsible in undermining the city's position before damages have been assessed and a decision on appeal has been made. They just may have upped the bill and made an appeal more difficult. Shame."
Comment by Tim Allman
Tuesday, July, 22, 2014 - 10:10:23 PM
Bus drivers locked out "Why lock them out? Why not wait for a strike or for negotiations to go somewhere? Perhaps the answer is that the city saves money as long as they are not paying their employees and the sooner the better. The employees and the riders don't matter."
Comment by Tim Allman
Saturday, July, 12, 2014 - 3:03:02 PM
Guest Editorial: Making Guelph a Better Place "Yes! And support your local Arts Council! As Astero says "arts improve a community's well-being.""
Comment by Pandora
Wonderful surprise in mailbox
Dear Editor: I have never done this before. But I was hoping to maybe have a little thank you note in the paper.
Guelph Matters
Countryside jaunts uncover old haunts
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: One of our guilty pleasures is going for Sunday drives, as they were once known.
Anniversary should be real ball
Editorial: The 50th anniversary of the University of Guelph is hitting its peak, and quite a peak it is.
City should lead by example
Dear Editor: I’m wondering if someone at city hall can tell me why the whole of downtown Guelph was sprayed with the toxic pesticide Fiesta.
Yours to discover – farming
Dear Editor: Ontario’s celebration of Local Food Week took place last week.
You read it here first
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: Well, the die has been cast as to who is going to win Thursday’s provincial election.
Camoaign played out as forecast
Editorial: In our May 6 edition, at the dawn of the election campaign that ends Thursday, we editorialized about factors that might turn out to make a crucial difference.
Insulting campaign phone call
Dear Editor: Last week I received a phone call from a call centre in the southern United States.
New math doesn't add up
Dear Editor: Quite interesting how the PCs and Guelph Conservative candidate Anthony MacDonald do their math these days, as displayed in their ad on Page 4 of the June 5 Guelph Tribune.
Guest Editorial: Making Guelph a Better Place
A short distance from anywhere in this city is our best natural asset – our rivers and adjoining lands.
Better planning would help during construction season
Dear Editor: Clearly our city’s road construction planners don’t ever have to drive across the Speed River at rush hour.
Schreiner clearly states his environmental policies
Dear Editor: was quite surprised to read comments from H. Beatrice Smith (Tribune letters, June 2) after she had read the pamphlet from the Green Party candidate Mike Schreiner.
Hope on the horizon
Provincial election overview column by Greg Elliott: Most people I know are fed up with the almost daily reports of government waste and scandal.
Time to teach lesson
Provincial election overview column by Alan Pickersgill: The provincial election is creeping towards a conclusion next Thursday.
Champion of many causes
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: Guelph lost a good one last week with the death of Margaret MacKinnon.
Issue towers over Guelph
Editorial: A downside of the wireless world in which we live is back in the news with Rogers Communications’ plan to erect a 95-foot-tall antenna without going through a new process approved by city council.
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