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Investment fund about city’s future
The View from Here column by Alan Pickersgill: Although a lot of the dinner guests haven’t pulled up their chairs yet, the table is set for a very tasty municipal election.
Peepree Hill pops up from the past
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: Way back in January we innocently ran an old photograph of what we thought was Aberfoyle Ski Club.
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Monday, April, 07, 2014 - 8:08:42 PM
Kovach retires after 23 years on council "Actually news of Kovach's retirement was exclusively reported by Guelph Today. http://guelphtoday.typepad.com/guelphtoday/2014/04/after-23-years-gloria-kovach-to-retire-from-guelph-council.html"
Comment by ScottJTracey
Sunday, March, 09, 2014 - 1:01:19 PM
Make election laws more inclusive: Mayor "Given that the federal government has little to do with cities and is desperately trying to divest themselves of any residual contact with this level of government, citizenship seems to be a meaningless criterion for voting in municipal elections. Pe"
Comment by Tim Allman
Thursday, March, 06, 2014 - 4:04:42 PM
Make election laws more inclusive: Mayor "I think Guelph joining Toronto and hopefully Kitchener in this petition would be brilliant. Permanent "Residents" reside among us, paying the same taxes and sharing the local concerns of citizens. Of course they should have a vote in municipal electi"
Comment by Dennis Galon
Recreation centre wish lists
Editorial: Guelph has been talking about a south end recreation centre for a long, long time.
Good wages good for business
Dear Editor: In response to David Ing’s letter to the editor (Tribune, March 4), the opposite argument could be used – if you don’t increase minimum wage for everyone it affects everything.
Mollison Park
Efforts appreciated
Dear Editor: I just want to give a huge thumbs up to the team of neighbours in the Mollison Park neighbourhood who built and looked after the best skating rink
U of G students strut their stuff
Editorial: What’s still going strong in its 90th year, entertains and enlightens tens of thousands of people annually and ends March break with a bang many for local families?
Neighbourhood coalition brews a winning formula
Dear Editor: The Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition held its first annual general meeting recently and it was totally amazing. It has been a long time coming and it was a smooth sailing event.
Proposed downtown levy not likely a one-time deal
Dear Editor: The Tribune recently ran several large articles (March 4) concerning the Baker Street redevelopment project supported by Mayor Karen Farbridge.
Big failing of city hall brass is not treating us with respect
Uncommon Sense column by Greg Elliott: Selective transparency, disrespect, inexperience.
Farmhouse fate at hand
Editorial: The future of the Wilson farmhouse remains up in the air, with nine days to go until the city’s deadline for submitting proposals on its future.
Stone, Gordon intersection should be tops on city radar
Dear EDitor: Coun. Leanne Piper bemoans the present parking situation in Ward 5, but the real concern is what the city plans to do about a more critical situation.
Time to change the election rules?
Editorial: Mayor Karen Farbridge has started what should be an interesting local debate with her proposal that Guelph urge the province to allow permanent residents to vote in Ontario’s municipal elections, beginning in 2018.
Baker Street District a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
Dear Editor: s a 30-year resident of Guelph, I am delighted by the possibility of development in the Baker Street area (Tribune, March 4).
Baker Street District an attack on taxpayers' wallets
Dear Editor: The front-page headline “Downtown an election battle zone” (Tribune, March 4)) is right on the money, no pun intended.
Not a lot of fun for children
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: It’s once again time for one of my The World is Going to Heck in a Handbasket columns.
Election controversy in forefront
Editorial:It’s not unusual for municipal councils to avoid controversial decisions during election years. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case in Guelph right now, and the Oct. 27 election should be better for it.
Pity the poor crossing guards
Dear Editor: I am a retired school teacher who has recently moved from Sarnia to Guelph to live with a friend in the Summerfield/Colonial area.
Growth target not city's call
Dear Editor: Re:, “For the city to meet its provincially approved growth targets . . .” (Tribune, Feb. 27)
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