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Healthy protest
Editorial: As protests go, the one planned for Wednesday by Ken Danby school’s parent council deserves a thumbs up. Urging all of east end school’s students to walk to school for a day, in order to get city hall’s attention on the issue of the safety of getting to that school on foot across Watson Parkway, has a lot of appeal.
Ash borers nasty business
Editorial: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s decision to approve the import and release of two types of parasitic Asian wasps to fight emerald ash borer is another sign of how grim their spread is in southern Ontario.
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Saturday, September, 20, 2014 - 3:03:29 PM
Politicians must give voters a reason to go to the polls "Stuburke, Rob Ford is an affable guy who said he could make Toronto better. He said many of the same things as Guthrie is saying. Now look at Toronto. Nothing has happened since the last election (save some entertaining late night American TV) becaus"
Comment by Tim Allman
Thursday, September, 18, 2014 - 6:06:59 PM
Residents want Niska Road area to be preserved "Not just the residents - I love having this area close to work. It's a place of serenity one is able to reconnect with nature and oneself. Seriously, STOP PAVING OVER OUR GREENLANDS!"
Comment by ruseeryus
Thursday, September, 18, 2014 - 5:05:22 PM
Politicians must give voters a reason to go to the polls "It seems fairly obvious who you speak highly of, while attempting to degrade Cam Guthrie and his campaign at the same time. I prefer to speak of optimism. I went to Cam Guthrie’s free BBQ last week. I got the chance to shake his hand ask some qu"
Comment by stuburke
Guelph General should have jumped at chance of being leading edge
Dear Editor: Guelph’s “committee of three,” which has been fighting the closure of the pacemaker clinic at Guelph General Hospital, has asked Guelph MPP and Minister of Education Liz Sandals for help in establishing a leading-edge remote monitoring pacemaker clinic in Guelph.
Reading fine print in board budget
Editorial: The process of school board budgeting has had a lower profile since Ontario’s boards lost their power to tax local property in the late 1990s.
Birth control has big impact on a sustainable environment
Dear Editor: On World Environment Day, I read several Tribune letters to the editor about birth control, which clearly relate to the natural environment.
Local board earns kudos
Editorial: The school year that’s coming to an end has been darkened by labour strife in the province’s public schools, but things look considerably brighter for the next school year. And Guelph seems to have quite a bit to do with this.
Considerate city worker went beyond the call of duty
Dear Editor: I witnessed a true act of civil service two Friday nights ago.
Intriguing integration
Editorial: A lot of people are going to be happy reading about plans for a big new medical centre in the city’s south end. There have been periodic calls over several years for a hospital to be built in the south end. Feelings on this issue have run deep enough that a Conservative candidate even raised it as a federal election issue, of all things, a few years back.
Condo owners left on city scrap heap
Up for Debate column by Jessica Lovell: When I came to Guelph for university in 1997, the garbage system had its own learning curve.
What about health risks of these cellular towers?
Dear Editor: In response to the article about Rogers planning to add cellular base stations on top of city lights (Tribune, June 11)
Parallel documentary to The Manor in order
The View from Here column by Alan Pickersgill: I haven’t seen The Manor documentary, but I’ve sat at one of its tables. Not often, and a long, long time ago. Twenty years or more. I’ve probably wasted money in worse joints. But like I said, it’s been a long time gone.
Working the social circuit
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: My goodness, this Guelph is a happenin’ town, and I almost feel like a happenin’ guy since I attended some recent events that were happening.
Numbing numbers
A lot of city residents were probably scratching their heads last week when reading stories about relatively high absenteeism and relatively low “employee engagement” at city hall.
Heavy-handed treatment at LCBO was embarassing
Dear Editor: e are writing this letter to alert readers to an obscure part of the Liquor Act of Ontario, which stipulates that cashiers at LCBO have the right to refuse service if they can smell either liquor or drugs on customers.
Waterloo's wet plant costs a bargain compared with Guelph
Dear Editor: Re: “Waterloo wet quota falls short” (Tribune, June 6)
Best way to cut absenteeism is reintroduce the punch clock
Dear Editor: It looks like Guelph city council cannot keep track of its employees (Tribune, June 6).
Guest Editorial – Making Guelph a better place
In 1910, Guelph city council had a problem.
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