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Letter critical of teachers defies personal experience
Dear Editor: Re: Ida Tamberline’s letter to the editor “Teachers in it for selves” (Tribune, Jan. 8)
New year, new hope
A new year brings new hope that the tumult in our schools experienced since September might soon end and that normalcy might soon return.
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Monday, April, 07, 2014 - 8:08:42 PM
Kovach retires after 23 years on council "Actually news of Kovach's retirement was exclusively reported by Guelph Today. http://guelphtoday.typepad.com/guelphtoday/2014/04/after-23-years-gloria-kovach-to-retire-from-guelph-council.html"
Comment by ScottJTracey
Sunday, March, 09, 2014 - 1:01:19 PM
Make election laws more inclusive: Mayor "Given that the federal government has little to do with cities and is desperately trying to divest themselves of any residual contact with this level of government, citizenship seems to be a meaningless criterion for voting in municipal elections. Pe"
Comment by Tim Allman
Thursday, March, 06, 2014 - 4:04:42 PM
Make election laws more inclusive: Mayor "I think Guelph joining Toronto and hopefully Kitchener in this petition would be brilliant. Permanent "Residents" reside among us, paying the same taxes and sharing the local concerns of citizens. Of course they should have a vote in municipal electi"
Comment by Dennis Galon
As mellow as the weather
Guelph Matters by Chris Clark: Either I am mellowing or the weather is mellowing, or I have had time off. I am quite enjoying this winter – so far.
Tip for GO transit users
Dear Editor: There are two PRESTO machines outside the station building at Guelph Central which look exactly the same, both green – and both bleep when you tap on them.
Teachers in it for selves
Dear Editor: I am an 80-year-old mother of three with six lovely grandchildren. I was an educational assistant and volunteer in three different public schools in this city.
Columns will be missed
Dear Editor: Alan Pickersgill’s weekly column in the Guelph Tribune will be missed. His commentaries on community and philosophical issues have been thought-provoking and pungent.
Making city ‘age-friendly’
Editorial: Flip 2013 and you have 2031 – and this target year for the province’s Places to Grow legislation is now just 18 years off. If things go as projected, Guelph will have a population of 175,000 by then, and about one-third of them will be 55 and older. The number of city residents 85 and older is set to quadruple in the next couple of decades.
Buses should return to 20-minute service
Dear Editor: Janice Wiseman (Tribune letters, Dec. 24) is a wise woman indeed. Anyone who has tried to catch a Guelph bus during its 'off-peak' time slot is unlikely to vote in favour of 15/30 minute service.
Future electricity not in short supply
Dear Editor: Mike Darmon (Tribune letters, Dec. 31) would have you believe that future electricity in Ontario will be in short supply. Nothing could be further from the truth. The IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator), which “balances the supply of and demand for electricity in Ontario,” shows that 12.9 terawatts of electricity was exported to the United States in 2011. To put that into perspective, this is enough electricity to power 12.9 million homes for one month.
New year, new phase
Editorial: It has been almost two years since the idea of creating Guelph’s first heritage district was introduced at a public meeting, and much work remains to be done. But the district is closer to reality now that city council has finally approved a boundary for the proposed Brooklyn and College Hill Heritage Conservation District.
Laughter and tears, beginnings, endings
The View from Here column by Alan Pickersgill: It’s been an even dozen years since we journeyed, full of anticipation and optimism, into the 21st century. The hope we felt has been dashed by the reality we experienced.
Latest cut the deepest
Editorial: You won’t find local school trustees marching against provincial regulations that have resulted in their getting paid less than they were six years ago.
Bask in holiday season but don't forget the homeless
Dear Editor: I will soon be homeless. I am not a 16-year-old who has run away from home. I am a 60-year-old woman whose home ran away from her.
Transit haste makes waste
Dear Editor: If I had a toonie for every time I've heard transit riders wish the buses would return to the 20-minute service, I would be rich indeed (Tribune. Dec. 20). This is repeated over and over and has been since the 15-minute/half-hour service was introduced.
Teachers an easy target
Dear Editor: Re: ‘Teachers going too far’ (Tribune Editorial, Dec. 14)
Can't we get along?
Editorial: For those hoping city hall and transit management have a firm handle on how to right the ship at Guelph Transit, it was disconcerting to see the differences of opinion voiced at Monday’s council meeting by Guelph Transit’s general manager and the head of the bus drivers’ union.
Dumping tree pickup not good stewardship
Dear Editor: Re: No city Christmas tree collection
Financial perks not real concern of teachers
Dear Editor: Re:: “Teachers going too far” (Tribune editorial, Dec. 13)
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