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Leave it to Mother Nature
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: Sung to the Burt Bacharach standard Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head:
Being a crossing guard best job in world
Dear Editor: Speaking as a longtime crossing guard, I fully agree with the editorial “No interest real puzzler” (Tribune, Oct. 29).
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Wednesday, November, 12, 2014 - 10:10:19 PM
A loss of identity in Canada, now Guelph "I guess I have been living under a delusion in Canada all these years. I was always taught that the essence of democracy was debate and every opinion having the chance to be represented. I am seriously disturbed by the response of the followers of "
Comment by brianp
Wednesday, November, 12, 2014 - 6:06:47 PM
Jaywalking big problem in Guelph "There is no doubt that there are pedestrian/traffic problems in Guelph. The city has doubled since I moved here, and we all feel the growing pains in different ways. As a historical note, did you know that the term "jaywalker" was coined by the auto"
Comment by duval
Wednesday, November, 12, 2014 - 3:03:41 PM
A loss of identity in Canada, now Guelph "Dave, I find it thoroughly disappointing that your faith in your identity as a Canadian relies on what way the government is leaning. Although I am more conservative minded myself, I am a proud Canadian whether a Grit, Tory, NDPer or otherwise were "
Comment by CW4455
City council out of touch with voters
Dear Editor: From recent Tribune headlines it appears that council feels excluded from the ‘capital budget loop’ by its own staff.
Kind act met with total indifference
Dear Editor: I was extremely disappointed on Oct. 31 when my 18-year-old daughter found and, without hesitation, handed in a new BlackBerry cellphone she found.
Kind acts are not random if planned
Dear Editor: Re: It’s time for random acts of kindness (Tribune, Oct. 23)
Many help make sale record-breaker
Dear Editor: Which came first, the readers or the books?
Integrity commissioner an important referee at city hall
Editorial: There’s nothing wrong with city hall looking for a way to review the performance it’s getting from its new post of integrity commissioner.
Farmhouse issue fiasco from outset
Dear Editor: This is an edited version of a letter concerning the Wilson farmhouse that was originally sent to Mayor Karen Farbridge and members of Guelph city council.
Level Wilson farmhouse before someone gets hurt
Dear Editor: Thank you for printing Coun. Ian Findlay’s proposals to save the pile of crumbling wreckage that we know as the Wilson farmhouse (Tribune, Oct.24).
Lack of crossing guards a real puzzler
Editorial: Guelph is renowned for the extent of its volunteer involvement.
Bottled water a convenient truth
Up for Debate column by Jessica Lovell: As a general rule, I don’t buy bottled water.
Farmhouse back in news
Editorial: It’s good to see the Wilson farmhouse issue will soon be back before council, rather than staying in limbo.
Many caring people help make health care system work
Dear Editor: Recently, my wife Janice had knee replacement surgery.
Permissable truck route sign on road where trucks prohibited
Dear Editor: Repeated requests to the City of Guelph traffic field operation to remove the truck sign on Fife Road are ignored.
From letters to editor to Tribune columnist
Uncommon Sense column by Greg Elliot: That’s asinine, thought I.
Bridge woes a real puzzler
Editorial: It might be funny if it wasn’t so sad – the situation with the Wyndham Street train bridge and underpass, that is.
Politics and the sad trickle-down effect
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: In the next municipal election, Guelph residents can vote online in advance polls
U of G bureacracy saps system
Dear Editor: As we observe the chopping of established academic programs at University of Guelph (“U of G brass defends cost-cutting pro-cess,” Tribune Oct. 15), we need to be aware of background facts that were not mentioned:
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