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Crew wrecks garden
Dear Editor: About two weeks ago, I was filled with panic when I arrived home to orange and yellow lines painted across my front garden beds.
Fear not roundabouts
Dear Editor: I read with dismay Chris Clark’s Guelph Matters column dismissing roundabouts as the source of traffic chaos (Tribune, April 15).

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Wednesday, July, 29, 2015 - 6:06:44 PM
Guelph gets pick-me-up "Wow.. To the police services board and to the Mayor of Guelph . I do believe that it is your job to uphold the laws and bylaws in Guelph Ontario. Cam Guthrie this is what you were elected to do. I cannot believe that you are promoting an American c"
Comment by marsbars
Monday, July, 27, 2015 - 11:11:23 PM
No budget target may give mayor pause now but this story isn’t over "Guthrie shouldn't have made promises he couldn't keep. He is, after all, just one vote on council."
Comment by Tim Allman
Tuesday, July, 21, 2015 - 11:11:38 PM
Guelph residents pressure Elections Canada to reopen robocall investigation "Another very well reported story by Doug Hallett. Although some may argue that this effort is political, an anti-Conservative move, I suggest that the fact this robocall fiasco still hangs around the Con's neck is the failure of the party to come cle"
Comment by Dennis Galon
Gas gouging infuriates
Dear Editor: Can someone tell me why a gas station can increase the cost of gas by X amount of cents per litre when it’s gas stored in underground tanks that’s been delivered at least four or five days before this increase?
Answering nature's call
Editorial: The topic of a lack of public washrooms in the downtown contributing to a problem of public urination returns to council Monday, via a motion by Coun. Ian Findlay.
Messages from city hall anything but transparent
Cincommn Sense column by Greg Elliott: ‘Can you define zero-based budgeting to me?’
Rude reception during Guelph visit
Dear Editor: I recently experienced what I have come to call “The Guelph shakedown.” I moved my car onto the street late April 16 so a patient could park in the driveway for her therapy appointment the next morning, only to find it missing.
Windsor is not the city Guelph should aspire to be
Dear Editor: The Halloween-season election must be coming, because the troll-sized gang with the ogre-sized name, “Canadian Taxpayers Federation,” just visited Guelph telling scary stories and rattling their bones (Tribune, April 17).
Widening Stone Road – A clash of ideals
Editorial: Hugh Whiteley will be bringing an interesting clash of visions before council next Monday when he argues against a proposal by city staff to widen a section of Stone Road that abuts the U of G’s Arboretum.
Retention pond plan takes out 1/3 of park
Dear Editor: The City of Guelph – always at the forefront of cost savings and noxious odour control – is proposing a huge, unsightly, expensive storm sewer retention pond smack in the middle of Green Meadows Park on the northeast side of the city.
Sunshine list poor means of comparison
Dear Editor:
Sign of civic engagement
Editorial: It was encouraging to see more than 90 people out for GrassRoots Guelph’s public launch on Wednesday morning, a breakfast fundraiser at the Guelph Golf and Curling Club.
Ditch plans for St. George's Square and sidewalk plows
Dear eDitor: Two items recently reported in the Tribune are cause for concern at the thinking – or lack thereof – involved in city decisions and concern of spending money we do not have.
Sidewalk plows more hinderance than help
Dear Editor: After reading different debates about sidewalk plowing, I would have to say what the city does in this regard is a complete waste of time and money.
St. George’s Square redesign a waste
Dear Editor: The plan to build the roundabout in St. George’s Square is defeating its purpose (Tribune, April 3).
Seeing is believing
Editorial: There has been a lot of talk since 2007 about Guelph’s Community Energy Initiative.
Back to the drawing board
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: When Wyndham Street undergoes massive reconstruction it is hoped that St. George’s Square and environs will mirror the wonderful assets of Market Square.
Guelph’s ‘sidewalk plow heroes’ a winter asset for city residents
Dear EDitor: I must respectfully disagree with those who think this winter showed the need to reduce or redirect the budget for sidewalk clearing (Tribune, April 10).
City should tend to own sidewalks before making us do the heavy lifting
Dear Editor: After having read the article regarding “Winter’s wrath” (Tribune, April 10) I would like to point out that most of my problems while walking occurred on public property.
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