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Go get'em Grassroots Guelph
Dear Editor: It was with utmost pleasure that I read in the Oct. 15 Guelph Tribune that Gerry Barker from the GrassRoots Guelph organization has initiated a request for a provincial audit of this city.
Help for the bullied
Editorial: Given recent sensational cases of young teenagers killing themselves after relentless bullying, including online, this week’s school board announcement about a new online anti-bullying tool is extremely timely.
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Wednesday, November, 12, 2014 - 10:10:19 PM
A loss of identity in Canada, now Guelph "I guess I have been living under a delusion in Canada all these years. I was always taught that the essence of democracy was debate and every opinion having the chance to be represented. I am seriously disturbed by the response of the followers of "
Comment by brianp
Wednesday, November, 12, 2014 - 6:06:47 PM
Jaywalking big problem in Guelph "There is no doubt that there are pedestrian/traffic problems in Guelph. The city has doubled since I moved here, and we all feel the growing pains in different ways. As a historical note, did you know that the term "jaywalker" was coined by the auto"
Comment by duval
Wednesday, November, 12, 2014 - 3:03:41 PM
A loss of identity in Canada, now Guelph "Dave, I find it thoroughly disappointing that your faith in your identity as a Canadian relies on what way the government is leaning. Although I am more conservative minded myself, I am a proud Canadian whether a Grit, Tory, NDPer or otherwise were "
Comment by CW4455
Keep driving the issue
Editorial: The numbers put out by Guelph Police about an enforcement blitz over the Thanksgiving long weekend are amazing and scary.
Be transparent and open books
Dear Editor: Re: Grassroots group seeks probe into city’s books (Tribune, Oct. 15).
Poor system for impovershed needs fixing
Dear Editor: Re: the United Nations International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on Oct. 17
Students have dim-looking future
Dear Editor: Princess Elizabeth Public School in Orangeville is undergoing much-needed renovations.
Many opportunities to direct city's future
The View from Here column by Alan Pickersgill: Mayor Karen Farbridge had an interesting piece on her blog this week.
Choice words for too many choices
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: We are faced with too many choices, and at times it seems overwhelming.
GrassRoots goes on the offensive
Editorial: The announcement in August of the creation of GrassRoots Guelph, a local citizens’ group, was a sign it should be a lively civic election year coming up.
Gum chewers worse than smokers
Dear Editor: Kate Brookfield’s Oct. 10 letter to the editor in the Guelph Tribune was right on.
Make driving schools mandatory
Dear Editor: Re: “Riding on hood of car ends with skull fracture” (Tribune, Oct. 8)
Housing help ends up nowhere
Dear Editor: I am very concerned about the housing situation iin this great city of ours.
U of G students air concerns
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: The University of Guelph senate debated for the first time Wednesday the Program Prioritization Process report, a report that aims to deal with a projected $32.4-million funding gap over the next three years.
Beats nothing
Editorial: After all the furor about the recent closure of the pacemaker clinic at Guelph General Hospital, it’s good to see something being done to at least cut the number of trips that some elderly patients will have to make to the pacemaker clinic at Kitchener’s St. Mary’s General Hospital.
Smoking is bad but butts littering city are disgusting
Dear Editor: I read in the Tribune articles about possible deliberations on banning outside smoking in public places.
Culture Days should be all-encompassing
Dear Editor: We were delighted to read Jessica Lovell’s Culture Days-focused column “Too narrow a focus on culture” (Tribune, Sept. 24).
Beck, Slimmon quite a combo
The View from Here column by Alan Pickersgill: Whenever we’re driving up to Mount Forest to visit with our daughter, we bring a few CDs with us for the journey.
Now comes tough part for U of G
Editorial: The stage has been set for quite the debate on campus about how to adapt to new financial realities.
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