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Guelph’s ‘sidewalk plow heroes’ a winter asset for city residents
Dear EDitor: I must respectfully disagree with those who think this winter showed the need to reduce or redirect the budget for sidewalk clearing (Tribune, April 10).
City should tend to own sidewalks before making us do the heavy lifting
Dear Editor: After having read the article regarding “Winter’s wrath” (Tribune, April 10) I would like to point out that most of my problems while walking occurred on public property.
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Wednesday, May, 27, 2015 - 7:07:41 PM
Solstice 3 going to OMB over church site plans "Looking at the other two Ugly buildings this developer has put up if the third is to be similar it totally does not fit in with this neighbourhood at all. I also fail to understand how it is that a city can spend (city taxpayer) money on plans for o"
Comment by greatday
Wednesday, May, 27, 2015 - 7:07:13 PM
Developer being pushy "The OMB needs to allow for a decision period before getting involved. Funny come to think of it has the OMB EVER sided with a city planning group??"
Comment by greatday
Monday, May, 25, 2015 - 1:01:42 AM
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It's our job to shovel sidewalks
Editorial: It was an extraordinary winter in Guelph not only in terms of cold, but also for the often icy sidewalks that made nonsense of the city’s aim to be a walkable community.
Paying taxes here means more care at budget time
Dear Editor: Re: City of Guelph’s ‘sunshine’ list
Column a warning about endless levy
Dear Editor: I would like to thank Alan Pickersgill for his March 20 column “Investment fund about city’s future.”
Why hit-and-run dear family pet
Dear Editor: This is to the person driving a white car April 8 on Victoria Road near the trail at Monkey Bridge at 11:45 a.m.
Groomed trails a treat
Dear Editor: At the end of the best winter and snow that Guelph has seen in a decade, I wanted to acknowledge the time and fantastic efforts of the volunteer grooming team who maintain the cross-country skiing trails at the Eden Mills Nordic Ski Club.
Will perception become the reality?
The View from Here column by Alan Pickersgill: In modern political life perception trumps reality.
Put words into action
Editorial: It’s a tough issue to confront, so a couple of things are noteworthy about Friday’s launch of the County of Wellington’s 10-year plan for tackling housing and homelessness.
Terrific track record
Editorial: Coun. Gloria Kovach’s announcement that she won’t seek re-election in Ward 4 marks the end of an era, given that she was council’s longest-serving current member.
Guthrie misses the mark
Dear Editor: Re: Farbridge, Guthrie weigh in on court ruling (Tribune, April 3)
Natural setting spoiled by some dog owners
Dear Editor: I often take our visitors around for walks on many beautiful trails around Guelph. Elmira Park (at Elmira Road South) has a nice trail and uphill steel steps to connect it to Sunrise Crescent and to Whitelaw Road.
Another traffic trouble spot
Dear Editor: I’m pleased to see a reduction in speed limits around schools (Tribune, April 1).
Fast track to Scotland
Dear Editor: I am so grateful to the Guelph Tribune for helping me to trace the Frame family and for the speed in which you did it (Tribune letters, April 1).
Status quo is not an option
Editorial: City hall scored a shining success with its makeover of Carden Street and creation of the adjacent Market Square, which bustles with free skating in winter and splash pad activity in summer.
Changing of the guard
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: It’s always sad when shopkeepers shutter their businesses.
Political ideology not part of concerns about council
Uncommon Sense column by Greg Elliott: itizen, taxpayer, rent payer, ratepayer, candlestick maker.
A big blow to city hall
Editorial: It was no surprise to city hall that it faced a lawsuit from Urbacon Buildings Group after the city fired the general contractor in September 2008 from the twin projects to build a new city hall and turn the old one into a courthouse.
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