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Paid ads help with big picture
Dear Editor: In response to the letter regarding advertising on buses (Tribune, May 30), we do not understand why the author feels that the city is taking a stand on abortion since the buses display paid advertisements, not publicly funded advertisements.
We're being railroaded
Editorial: Coun. Bob Bell spoke for a lot of frustrated drivers Monday when he asked Guelph Junction Railway’s board chair why the city-owned railway doesn’t spend some of its profits on moving its shunting operation away from Woodlawn Road, where it causes serious traffic tie-ups.
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Friday, August, 01, 2014 - 3:03:59 AM
Chickens home roosting at retirement village "What a wonderful idea ... how very special that the residents are able to enjoy watching the hens during the day. It's so good to see Retirement Villages that think "outside the box" for programs and activities that the residents can enjoy!"
Comment by Tea Time Designs
Thursday, July, 31, 2014 - 10:10:25 PM
Lockout silence is golden "Mr. Clark, At no time during this incredibly frustrating turn of events has the union been " mum" about anything. Members authorized to speak to the press regarding the unions position in all of this have been exhaustively interviewed by the media"
Comment by rbritton
Thursday, July, 31, 2014 - 4:04:16 PM
Don’t call proposal traffic roundabout "The downtown plan which I can't seem to find anymore calls for transit to "serve everyone not just some" and to "serve people looking to go downtown and not just bypass it". We need to have 100 percent of transit riders receiving equal service to the"
Comment by bmcmulle
Ontario Liberals are scandalous, too
Dear Editor: I wholeheartedly agree with your editorial “What a time for polling” (Tribune, May 28).
It's the Guelph way of doing things
Dear Editor: Colin Wackett’s comments (Tribune letters, May 28) are well taken, especially regarding the bus bay situation.
Bus ads celebrate free speech
Dear Editor: I am writing in response to a letter published about the pro-life bus ads (Tribune, May 28).
Guelph history, meet blogosphere
Guelph Matters by Chris Clark: Readers love our Then & Now feature, and now a blogger has picked up the torch with a variation of its theme.
What a time for polling
Editorial: It’s an interesting time for the city to be doing its first-ever formal public-opinion research on why voter turnout has been declining in recent civic elections, with an eye to seeing if anything can be done to improve turnout in next year’s municipal vote.
Visitor likes Guelph but not transit system
Dear Editor: I have just returned from a welcome stay in Guelph and have to confess the only thing to mar my pleasure was the bus transit system.
Advertising on buses sends wrong message
Dear Editor: I am offended, annoyed and downright indignant about two separate pieces of advertising found on our city's buses.
Attend public meeting to keep Guelph great
Dear Editor: City hall is doing a great job by working on the driver education issue (Tribune, May 23). This is a very serious matter.
Dancing for dollars
Fireworks are terrifying
Dear Editor: I just returned from another walk with my greyhound that left her terrified and shaking. She is afraid of the sound of fireworks.
Remedy for nasty allergies
Dear Editor: Thank you Jessica Lovell for sharing my allergy grief (Up for Debate, Tribune, May 16).
Sickening sense of entitlement
The View from Here column by Alan Pickersgill: I am growing increasingly sickened by the bloated sense of entitlement going around these days.
Expending good energy
Editorial: It’s nice to see that the price of hauling and disposing of Guelph’s nonrecyclable and noncompostable waste will go down, not up, in a new 10-year contract that goes to council for approval next Monday.
Sad city developments
Dear Editor: Who will bear this albatross of the City of Guelph’s decision to ‘grow the city’ regardless of disappearing water supply, increasing (and potentially unmanageable) sewage requirements and its decision not to pipe in required water supplies.
MPP out to lunch? Yes
Dear Editor: Two issues have been in the works for a long time now, and Guelph provincial and city politics are in life-blind mind-lock on each.
Optimism to the fore
Editorial: Although Guelph-based Linamar Corp. continues to roll along in impressive fashion, recent years have generally not been good for the manufacturing industry in Ontario.
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