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School's history almost tossed out
The View from Here column by Alan Pickersgill: The new school on Laurine Avenue is open and educating another generation of young people. It is conveniently located on one of my dog walking routes. I make an effort to get him out three times a day.
Fitting McCrae tribute
Editorial: As well as being the decade marking the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, this is also the decade when First World War anniversaries will soon be upon us.
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Thursday, October, 16, 2014 - 4:04:49 PM
European companies set up shop in Guelph "One has to wonder if the poison letter had something to do with the election. Although the HCBP has been slower than hoped to attract businesses, it will certainly prove to be a wise investment in the long run."
Comment by Tim Allman
Sunday, October, 05, 2014 - 2:02:32 PM
Transit top issue at U of G "I think it's a little disingenuous pointing out that Farbridge was loudly cheered. She had a team of people (I hope volunteers and not city staffers being paid to be a cheer squad) there handing out pamphlets, wolf-whistling, and refusing to even pol"
Comment by RyanToxopeus
Friday, October, 03, 2014 - 2:02:38 PM
U of G United Way campaign eyes two lofty goals "FYI, Western University in London surpassed its $780,000 goal last year for United Way of London & Middlesex. Congrats to U of G for their ambitious goal this year."
Comment by kmarnoch
The (United) Way to go
Editorial: The cool weather of recent days is another sign that fall is upon us. And one of the things this means is that the annual campaign of United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin is getting into full swing.
Demolish, not designate
Dear Editor: The fate of the Wilson Farm Park farmhouse continues.
Where was due dilligence, Wilson Farmhouse neighbours?
Dear Editor: Re: Demolish farmhouse, says report (Tribune, Sept. 10)
Sell or close down dome if no viable business plan
Dear Editor: As a long-term resident and taxpayer in Guelph, I resent the audacity of Guelph Community Sports in their demands for additional financial support and the continuing burden they are placing on all of the taxpayers.
Young cheerleaders should be cheered, not jeered
Dear Editor: I read Chris Clark’s column “Guelph home to CFL team real treat” (Tribune, Sept. 10) with more than a little irritation. It was his comments about the “prepubescent cheerleaders” that made my blood pressure rise.
Heritage questions
Editorial: The limits of city hall’s power to protect old, interesting houses from being demolished and replaced by very different-looking structures was on display again at Monday’s city council meeting.
Questions in need of answers
Dear Editor: Guelphites who have an interest in local heritage, democratic process and city finances might like to sit up and pay attention to the proposed demolition of the historic Wilson farmhouse situated in Wilson Farm Park in the northeast corner of the city (Tribune, Sept. 8).
Good for the City of Guelph
Dear Editor: I’d like to publicly thank the City of Guelph for being one of the few Canadian cities to legally allow backyard hens.
Guelph home to CFL team a real treat
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: If there’s one thing Guelph residents should do before the snow flies is – and if it does, it would enhance the experience – it’s to take in a Hamilton Ti-Cats game at Alumni Stadium.
Another lost legacy
Editorial: It will be a sad day on the heritage front when/if the Wilson Farmhouse is demolished, as is now being proposed.
No 'us and them' here
Dear Editor: I’m writing in response to the portrayal of the New Guelph Civic League in the article “Farbridge foes form new group” (Tribune, Sept. 3).
'Foes' too adversarial a word
Dear Editor: The front page story with headline “Farbridge foes form new group” (Tribune, Sept. 3) was about a group that is forming to support particular candidates in the next municipal election.
Real new year starts now
Guelph Matters column by Chris Clark: This sleepy burgh we call home is sleepy no more. Summer break is over. University students land en masse, spicing up our lives – not always, but mostly for the good.
Questions of obsolescence
Editorial: The Ontario Municipal Board, according to its website, “hears applications and appeals in relation to a range of municipal planning, financial and land matters including official plans, zoning by-laws, subdivision plans, consents and minor variances, land compensation, development charges, electoral ward boundaries, municipal finance, aggregate resources and other issues assigned to the Board by numerous Ontario statutes.”
From on the edge, to leading edge to who knows where?
Column by Megan Christensen: Having been a student for more than half of my life, September is usually a time of new beginnings.
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