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A commuter’s perspective

As I read “Residential streets now parking lots” by Doug Hallett (Tribune, Jan. 16), there seemed to be some information and perspectives missing.
Nowhere does the article mention the lack of affordable parking available for commuters in Guelph. This was brought about in part by an ill-advised decision to put the central transportation hub in downtown Guelph without adequate parking facilities.
The article doesn’t mention that you can’t buy a monthly parking pass for downtown Guelph, if you wanted to, as they are all taken.
It doesn’t mention the only commuter parking lot between Guelph downtown terminal and the 401 is at Aberfoyle. It doesn’t mention that Guelph Transit doesn’t start in time to catch the early commuter buses and ends before the last bus coming from Toronto gets into Guelph.
The article doesn’t mention that a Guelph resident can sleep later and spend less money by driving to Georgetown to catch the GO train from there.
Easy solution: build commuter parking!
Dana Holmes

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