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A sad solstice to you, too

A big puzzler for me last week was people celebrating Summer Solstice. I heard many a “Happy Summer Solstice” last Friday, but did not feel like celebrating.
I appreciate it’s the longest day of the year. No one loves long summer nights more than me. In fact, I was quite jealous when I heard from my eldest that the sun doesn’t go down until after 11 p.m. in Edmonton these days. Of course, they pay for it in the winter, but still, I would love an 11 o’clock sunset.
I digress. What we really should be doing is mourning Summer Solstice. After all, as of last Friday the days are now getting shorter.  “Sad Summer Solstice to you and yours” doesn’t send out a hopeful message, I guess. In the meantime, I will be clinging to our long summer evenings as if there is no tomorrow.
• • •
Discerning readers might wonder why, when at a local school, we asked our Around Town question – What are you doing for your summer holidays? – to school adults rather than children. That was our original aim, but a mixup about using kids’ names arose and our plans were thwarted.
Unfortunately, it is a sign of the times. Why, back in the day, schools, their parents and students all but begged the press to take pictures. These days it is much more complicated and sometimes not an easy thing to do at some schools in both boards Most parents sign waivers allowing us to take their pictures. However,  pretty well every school has parents who do not want their children photographed.
So, after being invited by schools to cover their events, rather than pop, take some shots and pop out, it’s a much more tricky assignment than it used to be.
• • •
City and university police and Hamilton Ti-Cat officials battened down the hatches in preparation for last Thursday’s exhibition game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
Police report minor traffic delays, and patience was the overriding mood. Of course, when the Ti-Cats went on a 52-0 romp, spectators weren’t hanging on to the bitter end.
As for the law-breaking, police report a whopping four incidents related to the football game. Two of them were what are called pocket dials, meaning two smart phones accidentally dialed 9-1-1. The other two charges were one for public intoxication and the other for public urination.
Of more concern is between 4 p.m. and midnight on game day, there were 91 other  incidents that night. Not sure what kind of incidents, but it was another busy Thursday night for the local constabulary.

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