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Accident spotlights road dangers

I would like to thank the witness who stopped and the people who came out of their houses with food and beverages for the people involved in an accident Aug. 22 at the corner of Edinburgh Road South and Paisley Road. Your support, kind words, and quick and caring actions are appreciated much more than I can express – thank you.
Secondly I would like to thank the first responders who arrived very quickly and were also very caring.
I would like to take this opportunity to remind cyclists, both with human-powered and gas/electric-powered-bikes, to please be careful. Unfortunately, it is always the cyclist who takes the worst when there is an accident.
Please don’t pass cars on the right when there is no bike lane. It’s just not safe, and it’s not worth the risk to your safety or the damage to your bike.
In learning to drive a car, we are taught not to drive in anyone’s blind spot, and that is a good lesson to remember, no matter what you are driving.
For motorists, please check your blind spot when turning a corner. The presence of gas- and electric-powered bicycles on our roadways is the new normal.
You never know when a speedy bike is going to be “there.” It only takes a second to check that blind spot and avoid an accident.
Lastly, I implore the City of Guelph to make installing bike lanes all along Edinburgh Road from Woodlawn Road to Gordon Street a priority. Most of Edinburgh Road is not safe for bikes and cars to share.
No one wants to be involved in an accident of any kind. I hope this letter will prevent such an accident from happening again.
Janet Harris   Guelph

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