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As mellow as the weather

Either I am mellowing or the weather is mellowing, or I have had time off. I am quite enjoying this winter – so far.
Perhaps it’s because starting in November  the weather hasn’t been bitterly cold and snowy. Perhaps it’s because there was no winter to speak of last year. Did you know that more snow fell in one day in late December than in the whole month of December last year?
Too bad it didn’t fall before Christmas, but it was still nice for those who enjoy outdoor winter activities during their holidays.
There has been some snow since, and it has been most pleasing to look at. Particularly fetching are bright red cardinals adding a dash of colour to snow-laden bushes. Throw in the neighbour’s outdoor rink that’s in use day and night and I am fond of winter – so far. I also remind myself there is still a long way to go before the de facto arrival of spring.
Then I hear above normal temperatures and rain are expected in a few days. Then I think, perhaps we should be adjusting out definition of normal temperatures, because it seems nothing is normal.
• • •
Great sport during the past couple of winters has been trying to determine which type of snow service we should use. Some services charge each time they come out to clear your driveway and walk. Others charge a flat fee that’s paid whether it snows or not.
Last year, those that were paid a flat fee made off like bandits. Or, put the other way around, those who paid the flat fee were robbed. That’s me.
This winter is shaping up like last year. However, you can rest assured that if I drop the service, we would be belted with five months of snow days making Maritime winters look like a picnic.
Put another way, if you want to know why there has been no winter the past two months, it’s my fault.
• • •
It happens every year around this time. Many of our young’uns scattered here, there and everywhere manage to make it home for the holidays. It’s like old times. It’s as if they haven’t been gone in the first place.
Lot of gaiety, laughter and fond memories ensue. Then poof! They’re gone. It’s as if they weren’t here in the first place. It’s happy-sad. One thing that I find miraculous is that our children’s world is one heck of a lot smaller than the world was in our day.  Our kids are so far-flung it boggles the mind.
Then there are those who weren’t able to make it home for the holidays. I won’t dwell on that, nor will I write about those who have lost family members this time of year. That’s because it’s sad – straight up.
Instead, I will just say that we are embarking on a new year. May it be happy and a winner for you and yours.

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