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Bankrupting city residents

I am writing this in the hope of inspiring others who feel as I do to speak up about all this back-and-forth nonsense between GrassRoots Guelph and the present city council.
I don’t have any messages to send to council other than one: Please stop spending beyond my financial means.
Stupid ideas like $6.5 million on St George’s Square, for example, are ridiculous and completely unnecessary.
I am one of the fortunate who can depend on a two per cent annual salary increase, but between utilities, property taxes, gasoline and groceries I am bringing home less and less money each year.
I am sure that if we elected a council of taxpayers who earned under $30K per year (below poverty) and didn’t draw pay for their service to the city that we would not have a council looking at ways to bankrupt its citizens.
I really hope that others who are feeling the financial pain will speak up, so our politicians can see that we can speak for ourselves and that simply discrediting GrassRoots Guelph will not silence voters and solve our problems.
Charlie Campagnaro

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