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Bicycling in Guelph better but there is still work to do

As a bicycle rider, driver and walker 12 months of the year, I agree with Peter Zess that the city does not have to supply bike lanes on every road (Tribune letters, Nov. 28).
Providing lanes on major arterials so that riders can get where they need to while feeling safe is exactly where they should focus.
Almost 10 years ago, I realized that most of my transportation needs can and should be met using a bicycle. Learning how to navigate the road in Guelph was very intimidating.
Since then I have lived in a few different cities – with slightly better infrastructure and higher ridership – where I’ve slowly learned how to get around by bike.
Upon moving back to Guelph this year, I was relieved to read about the cycling master plan. I saw bike lanes planned for or installed on streets like Speedvale, Edinburgh, College, Stone, Waterloo and Silvercreek. All are on streets I knew I would rely on to conduct my business around the city.
With the bike lanes, I don’t have to sweat it out hoping that I don’t get nicked by a car passing too closely – in summer or winter.
If we want to continue to force the residents of our city to spend a large chunk of their income on transportation (i.e., motor vehicle ownership and operation) while incurring related indirect costs, then by all means let’s focus on some recreational bike lanes away from economic centres.
But if the city wants to invest in the well- being of its citizens while attracting and retaining talented professional workers, then let’s keep it up.
Chuck Castillo

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