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Canada geese ruining park as playground experience

This letter was originally sent to Guelph city hall.
Our son and daughter-in-law came to Guelph to visit yesterday with our two grandchildren, one 17 months old and one six weeks old.
When they suggested that they would like to go to a park so that our grandson could run around and play on the park playground equipment, we decided on Royal City Park on Gordon Street.
Although there were lots of people and lots of children enjoying the park, we will never again take our grandchildren to that park in the summertime. The amount of goose poop in the park was disgusting. As adults, we had to be careful where we were walking, especially those of us wearing sandals. I can’t even fathom taking shoes off there to walk barefoot in the grass.
Needless to say, despite close supervision our grandson got poop on his hands, sat down in poop and had poop all over the bottom of his sandals (as did the rest of us).
Families and students alike congregate in our city parks to walk, picnic, play, participate in sports, etc. How horrible to be always worrying about stepping, sitting or slipping in goose poop.
I realize that geese are living beings, but they are destroying our environment and our water.  Consider how many swimming areas have to be closed down every summer due to bacteria which, for the most part, is caused by Canada goose feces. This situation is ridiculous.
Susan Hadaway

One Response to “Canada geese ruining park as playground experience”

  1. Sarah M says:

    I feel bad for the geese. As we take away more and more green space and claim what little there is for our own they’re limited as to where they can go. It’s the situation with people that’s ridiculous. There are way too many of us. Get over it.

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