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Columns are perplexing

Re:  Greg Elliott’s Uncommon Sense column “A more balanced approach needed from our city council” (Tribune, Jan. 30).
Having read most of Elliott’s columns, I am finding myself increasingly perplexed by the content.
At least one bottom line seems to be that taxes are too high, but I do not understand on what basis that is being claimed. I would be better helped by someone examining and reporting on the BMA Management Consulting report on the City of Guelph website. Its 437 pages examines questions around Guelph and municipal finances generally.
You can also find other municipalities that provide simple one-page property tax comparisons on their websites. For instance, take a look at Niagara Region’s. Maybe the City of Guelph should consider such a web page, although simplification of complexity always produces some level of untruth.
At a personal level, in 2013, I paid the City of Guelph and Guelph Hydro $16.06 per day for property taxes, hydro, water, and sewage. That is what my wife and I pay for a movie at the Bookshelf theatre.  (It helps being seniors!)
With that $16.06 per day I get police and fire protection, parks to take my grandchildren, trails and bike lanes for walking and biking, library services, roads to drive on, safe water and disposal of wastes and garbage, hydro services, and skating in front of City Hall, plus more.
Of course, city hall needs to be balanced, needs to take into account all citizens. However, naming the criteria that would help guarantee such balance seems to be needed, and I would appreciate it if Elliott  could take a crack at listing what he believes those criteria should be. Those criteria to me are quite hidden, and because of that his columns are becoming increasingly challenging to read.
John Buttars

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