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Crew wrecks garden

About two weeks ago, I was filled with panic when I arrived home to orange and yellow lines painted across my front garden beds. My property line. About a metre and a half up from the sidewalk.
In this space is a beautiful, mature perennial garden which has been built and cared for over 10 years. For the past seven, I have trimmed, pruned, planted and replanted sections of this garden with love, care and patience.
Not once did I consider whether this was my property or not and what rights I may have, or not have, with regards to this space. To do so would be absurd.
This is the front of my house, a space that I take ownership for and that I am proud of. I try and make it beautiful because I care about our community. Needless to say, these neon lines made me extremely nervous. I was only mildly reassured by the thought that I would surely be notified if something was going to happen.
But, I was wrong.
Yesterday, I arrived home to find a corner of my garden completely torn up. Where my creeping thyme, dwarf tulips and bell hyacinth once were was a big hole flanked by a mound of dirt.
Although the contractors were apologetic and had made some attempt to save the plants beneath, that part of my garden is ruined. This is not a small point.
Gardens are not built in a day, or a month. They are a labour of love that grow over time. In some cases, long periods of time. It’s absolutely infuriating that a company (in this case, a Rogers contractor) can come and claim ownership for this space. I don’t really care if it’s on city property or not.
On a daily basis, this is my space, my garden, and the least that should be required is a notice, enough warning so that I could have potted the plants to save them while the work is done.
A notice would have given me that time. It would have shown respect. It would have shown kindness. That is the way to act when you are part of a community of shared spaces.
Sara Furnival

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