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Lessons about sharing lost at Market Square

Dear editor: We spent this morning (Friday, July 11) at the splash pad in Market Square. It’s a favourite summer hangout for our family, and we’re trying to go at least once a week all summer.

This morning I remarked to my friend, who was there with her kids, how nice it is that there seems to be an unspoken agreement: when you bring water toys, be willing to share but always give them back to their owner and only take home what you brought with you.

Not half an hour later, I realized our ball was gone. It was yellow with splashes of red and blue. It’s very easy to spot, which was why I thought it would be perfect for the splash pad. It also had our last name written across it in black permanent marker.

We looked everywhere. It was gone. I had to explain to my four-year-old that hopefully it had somehow rolled away or someone mistakenly brought it home. I said maybe they’ll realize their mistake and bring it to the lost and found. I said I hoped it wasn’t stolen.

I like to think most people are honest and would never take a toy from a splash pad that didn’t belong to them. We can buy a new ball for a few dollars. But my faith in the kindness and general trustworthiness of people is a bit shaken and I’m not sure if my daughter will be as willing to share at the splash pad next time.

Paige Toxopeus

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