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Doubly Blue over Grey Cup TV coverage

My beloved Canadian Football League has been the exclusive domain of TSN for the past five years. The past five years I have not watched much three-down football.
This is because I refuse to pay the hefty price of bumping up my basic cable package. Mule-headed I may be, but the league sold off this great Canadian institution to the highest bidder at the expense of poor sods like myself. Pay up – about 300 bucks a year – or be shut out. I opted for the latter.
It’s too bad, because I really love the game and am one of the few who prefer it to American football. I grew up hearing about it and watching it. I remember my parents telling tales of wild times at Calgary Stampeder games in the 1950s.
I remember being in awe of some of my parents’ friends who played for the Grey Cup.
I remember when CBC and CTV shared Grey Cup coverage from coast to coast for all  Canadians to see. As it should be now, but is not.
I remember growing up watching and loving the Toronto Argonauts. They rarely won and tended to lose in all sorts of weird and not-so-wonderful ways. All my years of devotion finally paid off. It wasn’t until I was in my late 20s that they finally won a Grey Cup. Interestingly, the Argos’ popularity sagged once they started winning. Only in Canada.
I love the Double Blue. Still do. I remember the Argos coming oh-so-close to winning the first Grey Cup in my lifetime. It was 1971 late in the game. Hand-off to Argo Leon McQuay deep in the Stamps zone. He fumbles and loses the ball at the Stamps’ 11- yard line. Calgary wins. Oh, how that hurt. Conversely, I remember Toronto avenging that loss against Calgary in 1991 with Rocket Ismail providing the firepower. Sweet revenge.
I remember, and there still is, no love lost between the Argos and Hamilton Tiger-Cats. It is with fondness I remember the Labour Day Classics when Toronto played Hamilton, followed by Calgary versus Edmonton. While Hamilton may have won some of those battles, it is Toronto that won the wars. Toronto has won the most Grey Cups in its history. Ha Ha Hamilton!
It’s great the Ti-Cats will play in Guelph next season. However, it’s actually Argo turf. For years they held their training camps here, including 1991 when their fortunes momentarily soared under the ownership of  L.A. Kings owner Bruce McNall, comedian John Candy and Wayne Gretzky.
Next year I will welcome Ti-Cats to Guelph and look forward to seeing them getting bounced out of this burgh by the Argos.
Papers have been filled with stories of CFL players past. It makes me quite wistful of all the greats from my past.
Meanwhile, Sunday is the 100th Grey Cup. Toronto versus Calgary in Toronto. By hook or by crook, I will land in front of a TV that has TSN. I am so looking forward to it, just as I am looking forward to the CFL brain trust not limiting Canada’s illustrious game to just one television station when a new deal is struck. Until then, all I can say is Go Argos Go and I look forward to Double Blue hoisting another Grey Cup.

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