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East enders should know coyote prowling for prey

You may be interested to know that a coyote has been seen in the Grange Hill area this past week. I live on Starview Crescent, and at night I hear it in the green space between Starview Crescent and Chesterton Lane.
Twice in the past five days I have heard it kill another animal in that green space. A neighbour told me that it killed a cat on Lee Street. It is not a pleasant sound as the coyote kills its prey.
There is a six-foot fence along both sides of the green space, but a coyote can jump this height. I have two longhair mini dachshund dogs. I have my yard completely fenced in, but this would not deter the coyote. As such I have two spotlights covering my yard at night. If I let my dogs out to do their business, I have to go out with them, carrying an axe handle just in case. I cannot kill it with a firearm, as I do not have one and it is also illegal to discharge a firearm in the city.
You may wish to inform your readers of this situation and warn them of the dangers and issues they could face. No one wants to lose a pet to a coyote.
Dave Quinn

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