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No budget target may give mayor pause now but this story isn’t over
Mayor Cam Guthrie faced a council vote Monday directly related to his campaign pledge. And he lost.
Can’t win for losing in this debate
Editorial: Council is facing a no-win situation when it comes to a design for rebuilding a stretch of Speedvale Avenue.

Are you in favour of reducing the number of car lanes on a stretch of Speedvale Avenue in order to add bike lanes?

  • No (60%, 54 Votes)
  • Yes (40%, 36 Votes)

Total Voters: 90

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Tuesday, July, 21, 2015 - 11:11:38 PM
Guelph residents pressure Elections Canada to reopen robocall investigation "Another very well reported story by Doug Hallett. Although some may argue that this effort is political, an anti-Conservative move, I suggest that the fact this robocall fiasco still hangs around the Con's neck is the failure of the party to come cle"
Comment by Dennis Galon
Tuesday, July, 21, 2015 - 5:05:26 PM
Speedvale recommendation does not include bike lanes "[...] voted 7-5 Monday night to follow city staff’s recommendation that a section of Speedvale east of Woolwich Street be rebuilt with four full-size car lanes – [...]"
Comment by City council votes ‘no’ to road diet on Speedvale | Your community newspaper in Guelph, Ontario
Thursday, July, 02, 2015 - 8:08:37 PM
Input sought on Speedvale "Why are staff are recommending that bike lanes not be included between Manhattan Court and Riverside Drive? If Speedvale Avenue is considered an arterial road why not make every effort to make it wide enough to accommodate motorized traffic and bi"
Comment by Nick Taylor
Monument to Canada
Editorial: Downtown Guelph will soon have a major new point of interest – the bronze statue of John McCrae that will be unveiled Thursday morning next to the Guelph Civic Museum, honouring the 100th anniversary of McCrae’s writing of In Flanders Fields.
Recent moves don’t bode well
Editorial: This week’s twists and turns by several school boards, including the Upper Grand board, over whether or not to issue end-of-year report cards for elementary students is yet another sign of how volatile the situation has become with Ontario’s teachers.
A welcome development
Will it be one lane or two?
Editorial: The position taken by Heritage Guelph on replacing Niska Road’s one-lane bridge with a two-lane bridge is an interesting addition to a hot debate that council appears set to decide when city staff present recommendations in the fall.
Intriguing speculation
Editorial: It’s intriguing to speculate how the Ward 3 race might have ended if ranked balloting had been in place last fall.
Let good times roll
Editorial: Festival in various locales giving people lots to do and see.
Baggage but could still win
Editorial: Gloria Kovach is carrying some baggage as she lifts the Conservative banner for this year’s federal election.
Developer being pushy
Editorial: It’s perhaps not surprising that the developer that wants to build six storeys of student housing where a church now sits at 171 Kortright Rd. W. is taking the case to the Ontario Municipal Board.
Guest Editorial – Making Guelph a Better Place
Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation has a simple mission: increase the quantity, quality and safety of active transportation in Guelph.
Food trucks for thought
Food trucks are becoming something of a phenomenon in many parts of Ontario – and maybe soon in Guelph too. Established restaurants, which pay property taxes, might not be among their fans, though.
It will be a big day for us, too
June 6 will be a big day for Torontonians, when the UP Express starts between Union Station and Pearson airport. But it will also be a significant day for Guelph, as that’s the day it will become possible to get from our own downtown to the airport by train.
Federal election murmurs
The volley by local political figures in today’s Trib on the merits of the tax plan unveiled last week by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is part of an intensifying focus on the federal election expected Oct. 19.
Some wrong here
It’s hard to figure out what the escalating strike action by Ontario teachers is really all about, but things are getting serious. And as usual, kids and their parents are getting caught in the middle.
The good side to frozen water woes
Whether or not Guelph’s problems with frozen water pipes last winter make the city a “disaster area” eligible for financial assistance remains to be seen. And especially with the provincial government striving to get its budget balanced, Guelph might not get far with such a request.
GO changes can't arrive fast enough
Editorial: No matter what you think of the idea of selling off provincially owned hydro assets to help raise money for improving Ontario’s transportation system, it’s welcome news that plans are proceeding to boost the number of GO trains serving Guelph.
All's well that ends well
Editorial: When it comes to yard waste collection, Guelph has long suffered by comparison with Waterloo Region, where it’s picked up at curbside every two weeks from April to November.
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