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Low speeds to up safety
Editorial: Although city hall is talking about restricting its adult crossing guard program next year because it can’t find enough people willing to serve as crossing guards, there’s a positive change on the horizon in 2014 when it comes to the safety of children going to and from schools.
Balancing the city and city books
Editorial: Right after being re-elected in 2010, Mayor Karen Farbridge revealed her plan for dealing with a split electorate.
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Monday, April, 07, 2014 - 8:08:42 PM
Kovach retires after 23 years on council "Actually news of Kovach's retirement was exclusively reported by Guelph Today. http://guelphtoday.typepad.com/guelphtoday/2014/04/after-23-years-gloria-kovach-to-retire-from-guelph-council.html"
Comment by ScottJTracey
Sunday, March, 09, 2014 - 1:01:19 PM
Make election laws more inclusive: Mayor "Given that the federal government has little to do with cities and is desperately trying to divest themselves of any residual contact with this level of government, citizenship seems to be a meaningless criterion for voting in municipal elections. Pe"
Comment by Tim Allman
Thursday, March, 06, 2014 - 4:04:42 PM
Make election laws more inclusive: Mayor "I think Guelph joining Toronto and hopefully Kitchener in this petition would be brilliant. Permanent "Residents" reside among us, paying the same taxes and sharing the local concerns of citizens. Of course they should have a vote in municipal electi"
Comment by Dennis Galon
Guest Editorial – Making Guelph a Better Place
I love it when a plan comes together.
Gauntlet dropped
Editorial: The Guelph Chamber of Commerce upped the stakes when it told council Thursday that the city needs to do better in controlling costs and improving productivity, in order to keep city budget increases minimal.
Better planning needed
Editorial: We’re happy to see that council wants a pause on planning for a $34-million upgrading of Guelph Police headquarters.
Not a winter wonderland
Editorial: Guelph saw its first wintery blast on Saturday, and things didn’t go well on local roads.
Interesting new angles in this year's budget
Editorial: Some interesting angles are emerging for the city’s 2014 budgeting, what with the furor over city hall’s overtime bill and the costs for new police and public health facilities – which are headed in opposite directions in terms of their effects on the city’s books.
Green scene growth spurt
Who’d have thought roofs would be such a boon to Guelph’s green credentials?
Revealing OT numbers
Editorial: City council’s decision to hire an internal auditor last year to scrutinize city hall operations seems to be paying off, judging by Loretta Alonzo’s blockbuster report on overtime practices at city hall.
Number-crunching formulas
Editorial: Coun. Karl Wettstein raised some interesting points about Guelph’s operating budget and the Consumer Price Index when city staff proposed a 2014 budget last week.
Teaching moments
Editorial: There have been a lot of numbers tossed around over the past few weeks as the University of Guelph unveiled a cost-cutting plan involving a controversial system called the Program Prioritization Process, imported from the United States.
Integrity commissioner an important referee at city hall
Editorial: There’s nothing wrong with city hall looking for a way to review the performance it’s getting from its new post of integrity commissioner.
Lack of crossing guards a real puzzler
Editorial: Guelph is renowned for the extent of its volunteer involvement.
Farmhouse back in news
Editorial: It’s good to see the Wilson farmhouse issue will soon be back before council, rather than staying in limbo.
Bridge woes a real puzzler
Editorial: It might be funny if it wasn’t so sad – the situation with the Wyndham Street train bridge and underpass, that is.
Help for the bullied
Editorial: Given recent sensational cases of young teenagers killing themselves after relentless bullying, including online, this week’s school board announcement about a new online anti-bullying tool is extremely timely.
Keep driving the issue
Editorial: The numbers put out by Guelph Police about an enforcement blitz over the Thanksgiving long weekend are amazing and scary.
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