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Bylaw seems to be working
Editorial: In late March of 2013, city council embraced one part of a proposed public nuisance bylaw.
Spolight on sore sight
Editorial: It’s hard to deny it’s a really cool-looking building.
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Tuesday, July, 22, 2014 - 10:10:03 PM
Mayor responds to Guthrie salvo "Guthrie, Furfaro and Hellemond are very irresponsible in undermining the city's position before damages have been assessed and a decision on appeal has been made. They just may have upped the bill and made an appeal more difficult. Shame."
Comment by Tim Allman
Tuesday, July, 22, 2014 - 10:10:23 PM
Bus drivers locked out "Why lock them out? Why not wait for a strike or for negotiations to go somewhere? Perhaps the answer is that the city saves money as long as they are not paying their employees and the sooner the better. The employees and the riders don't matter."
Comment by Tim Allman
Saturday, July, 12, 2014 - 3:03:02 PM
Guest Editorial: Making Guelph a Better Place "Yes! And support your local Arts Council! As Astero says "arts improve a community's well-being.""
Comment by Pandora
Recreation centre wish lists
Editorial: Guelph has been talking about a south end recreation centre for a long, long time.
U of G students strut their stuff
Editorial: What’s still going strong in its 90th year, entertains and enlightens tens of thousands of people annually and ends March break with a bang many for local families?
Farmhouse fate at hand
Editorial: The future of the Wilson farmhouse remains up in the air, with nine days to go until the city’s deadline for submitting proposals on its future.
Time to change the election rules?
Editorial: Mayor Karen Farbridge has started what should be an interesting local debate with her proposal that Guelph urge the province to allow permanent residents to vote in Ontario’s municipal elections, beginning in 2018.
Election controversy in forefront
Editorial:It’s not unusual for municipal councils to avoid controversial decisions during election years. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case in Guelph right now, and the Oct. 27 election should be better for it.
Guest Editorial: Making Guelph a Better Place
Guelph city council scheduled a special meeting last night (Feb. 26) with a single subject on the agenda: A city-changing proposal for The Baker District and associated initiatives.
Live Free for youth
Editorial: For many people, the idea of having to go without their morning coffee sounds like an ordeal. But many of those same people would be willing to give up their coffee for a day if they knew it could prevent a child from going hungry.
Guelph Place vanishing hits home
Editorial: It’s always a bit of a shock when a venerable name like the Guelph Place Banquet Hall suddenly vanishes from the scene.
Winter taking its toll
Editorial: As if this winter hasn’t been chilling enough, city hall is now warning there’s another cause for worry – frozen underground water pipes on a scale not seen in Guelph since 1993.
United front a good omen
Editorial: It was nice to see the four Guelph candidates in the next provincial election lined up together Tuesday in support of concerns about a future threat to Guelph’s drinking water from a quarry.
This legacy stands tall
Editorial: It has been a hard time for trees in Guelph recently, what with the ice storm late last year and the ongoing assault of the emerald ash borer on ash trees.
Looking at the bright side
Editorial: After so many weeks of nasty winter weather, starting with the Dec. 22 ice storm, it might be time to relax a bit. February is here, and things seem to be looking up.
Where be the businesses in business park?
Editorial: As business parks go, the Hanlon Creek Business Park has certainly been high-profile.
Exciting new venture
Editorial:The Community Energy Initiative approved by council in 2007 is starting to bear fruit. Pipes have been laid for a new high-efficiency heating and cooling system centred in the Sleeman Centre, described as a first step toward building North America’s first city-wide district energy network.
Junior citizen does Guelph proud
Editorial: When the regional branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association held a ground-breaking ceremony last month for its new head office on Waterloo Avenue, it invited two people to speak there as a way of breaking the stigma around accessing mental health services.
Surprise! U of G has new president
Editorial: A happy occasion turned into a surprising and exciting one Tuesday when the announcement of a new president was added to the scheduled kickoff of the University of Guelph’s 50th anniversary celebrations.
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