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Good fit, fine fate
Editorial: t’s sad when a congregation shrinks to the point where it has to give up a church.
Good times ready to roll
Editorial: The Hillside Festival has struggled to make its winter offering work as well as was originally hoped. But the eighth annual Hillside Inside, which goes this weekend, seems set to make good strides.

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Wednesday, July, 29, 2015 - 6:06:44 PM
Guelph gets pick-me-up "Wow.. To the police services board and to the Mayor of Guelph . I do believe that it is your job to uphold the laws and bylaws in Guelph Ontario. Cam Guthrie this is what you were elected to do. I cannot believe that you are promoting an American c"
Comment by marsbars
Monday, July, 27, 2015 - 11:11:23 PM
No budget target may give mayor pause now but this story isn’t over "Guthrie shouldn't have made promises he couldn't keep. He is, after all, just one vote on council."
Comment by Tim Allman
Tuesday, July, 21, 2015 - 11:11:38 PM
Guelph residents pressure Elections Canada to reopen robocall investigation "Another very well reported story by Doug Hallett. Although some may argue that this effort is political, an anti-Conservative move, I suggest that the fact this robocall fiasco still hangs around the Con's neck is the failure of the party to come cle"
Comment by Dennis Galon
Good luck -- they will need it
Editorial: It’s interesting that the 10-member Upper Grand District School Board has chosen to put the board’s three rookie trustees on a five-member committee that will look at terms of reference for a study of the future of French immersion.
Guelph General directions
Editorial: When former Guelph General Hospital CEO Richard Ernst spoke to city council last March about the hospital’s expansion plans on its Delhi Street site, Coun. Leanne Piper asked him how much community engagement had been done in developing the new expansion plans.
Big picture for Guelph Transit
Editorial: Guelph Transit has had more than its share of woes in recent years, including a lockout last summer that halted service.
Guelph budget now has a target
Editorial: An uptick in inflation in Ontario last year could make it easier for the new council to go along with Mayor Cam Guthrie’s election promise to keep property tax increases at or below the inflation rate – at least for the 2015 budget.
Showdown takes shape
Editorial: The lines of dispute are starting to be drawn more clearly on whether the public school board should impose caps on French immersion enrolment, which is growing quickly at a time of overall declining enrolment in the board’s elementary schools.
Program good one
Editorial: When it comes to shovelling not much is worse than dealing with “windrows” – the accumulated snow, often very dense, that rolls off the curb-end of snow plow blades as they pass by an opening in the street such as a driveway.
Hits close to home
Editorial: Tracking the greenhouse gases created by your household can be the first step to doing something to reduce your carbon footprint.
French immersion quandries
Editorial: Last April, the Vancouver Sun ran a story about parents camping out as early as Sunday in a line-up in Salmon Arm for spaces in the district’s French immersion program.
Old problem. new worries
Editorial: Much attention has been focused recently on the problem of distracted driving, through media ads featuring the likes of Rick Mercer and through stiffer fines and penalties for texting while driving in Ontario.
Good test out of gate
Editorial: Limiting property tax increases to the inflation rate is a straightforward idea that seems to have helped Cam Guthrie become mayor.
Then, now and the future
Editorial: It’s the time of year for looking back and looking forward, as one year ends and another begins.
Bookmobile nears its end
Editorial:Guelphites are fond of their bookmobile, as was shown when council considered ending its funding in 2011.
Bring on St. George's Square debate
Editorial: It may be that city staff who have championed redesigning St. George’s Square as a central space surrounded by a one-way road have the right idea.
City sidewalks – Walk on the wild side
Editorial: Coun. Leanne Piper’s lonely effort to make city residents responsible for ensuring that the sidewalks in front of their homes are walkable seems to have a new and important ally – Mayor Cam Guthrie.
Basilica has nice ring to it
Guelph Transit: A work in progress
Editorial: In his inaugural address on Dec. 1, Mayor Cam Guthrie listed “a new transit review” as one of his top priorities, indicating that Guelph Transit’s woes continue to be a key concern in the top echelons of city hall.
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