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Scale back Arkell plan

A lot of complaints made to city council by neighbours of planned developments can easily be filed under the familiar category of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) attitudes. But we agree with Coun. Bob Bell that the concerns expressed by neighbours at last week’s council meeting about a proposed development on Arkell Road shouldn’t be dismissed as NIMBYism.
The developer originally proposed to demolish three houses on the north side of Arkell, east of Gordon Street, and build 78 housing units on the site. But after being able to acquire an additional property when the owner died, the developer came back with a revised rezoning application that proposes 216 units on a six-acre site.
Is the developer trying to cram too many units onto the site, as Bell and the residents claim? It appears city planning staff should take a really close look at this development proposal – especially in light of all the concessions from normal city requirements, such as minimum sizes of private and common amenity areas and side yards, being sought by the developer.
Another troubling aspect of this project is that it’s actually being planned as a development where residents likely will have their waste picked up by a private contractor, rather than the city. So its residents, who will have to help pay for the city’s waste system through property taxes, will apparently also have to pay for private collection. As a deliberately planned scheme, what’s up with that?

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