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Find alternative location for communication tower

The majority of residents in Guelph’s south end are opposed to the cell tower that Rogers Communications is planning to build at 987 Gordon Street.
On the surface this cell tower seems like progress, further evidence of the inevitable expansion and integration of wireless digital devices into everyday life. Beneath the surface, however, there is a much more sinister drama going on between the rights of the ordinary people versus the will of the wealthy and powerful.
There is a mature residential area surrounding Gordon and Kortright whose homeowners are largely unaware that an ugly and menacing 131-foot-high tower, by far the largest structure in the area, is going to be dominating the skyline and pushing RF radiation into their family’s bedrooms 24 hours per day.
Rogers has decided to place this tower in a location that is in clear violation of the City of Guelph’s policy. In a pattern repeated in other communities, Rogers willfully ignores local government and residents knowing that compliance with the minimal requirements of Industry Canada are their only true obligation.
They don’t care what we think, in fact their actions are boldly defiant of our local government. As with many things, legal protections do not keep pace with the advancement of technology, and Rogers is taking advantage of the current paucity of rules and regulations to expand their wallets and influence.
Rogers can move their tower to a less contentious location, away from houses, but it is at their discretion. It is truly disturbing to think that our neighbourhood aesthetics and potentially the protection of our children from harm is under the control of a private company. Democracy or oligarchy?
Please tell Rogers that you would like them to find an alternate site for their tower by signing the petition in person at the Family Chiropractic Centre in the plaza at Gordon and Kortright, or online at: <>
Shannan Noorlander   Guelph

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