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Fiscal management needs to be a focus

Having previously lived in Kitchener for eight years, I was curious how their tax increases compared with Guelph’s. For 2013, Kitchener was 1.39% versus Guelph’s 2.97%. For 2014, Kitchener is 1.17% versus Guelph’s 2.37%.

In the Dec. 10 Tribune article, our mayor was quoted saying, “We continue to close the gap between tax rate increases and CPI.” In fact, the gap for 2014 remains the same as 2013 – based on Stats Canada reports that show CPI through November is 0.9% and was 1.52% in the previous year.

Councillors Gloria Kovach, Cam Guthrie and the other two councillors who were pushing for a tax increase under 2% are really looking out for Guelph taxpayers.

Hopefully, good fiscal management becomes a key issue in the next election.

Allan Faubert

One Response to “Fiscal management needs to be a focus”

  1. Karl Morant says:

    The City needs more people like Cam Guthrie and Gloria Kovach. The current gang-of-eight’s answer to everything it to hire consultants, hire more staff and raise taxes and spend, spend, spend.

    It takes real political will and savvy to do more with less, it takes real sacrifice, hard work and dedication to reduce spending, reduce tax increases and be more efficient. Guelph’s current Mayor has never worked at a real job in her life, from OPIRG activist to politician its all been just smoke and mirrors and knee jerk reactions.

    Time for change in the city, time to change to someone with real expertise and business experience. Time for someone who will dig deep and work for ALL the citizens of Guelph.

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