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Hardly the act of a bully

Bullying has been in the media a lot lately.  As someone who was occasionally bullied in school, I am glad to see people are talking about it and trying to prevent it.
However, as with any popular topic, people sometimes manipulate the subject matter to meet their needs.
Lately, the trend has been to refer to anyone who does something that someone else doesn’t like as a bully. I guess the intent is to make the grieved person appear as a victim and make others feel sorry for them.
On three separate occasions, people quoted in your paper have referred to Nestlé as a bully.  All Nestlé did was ask the city for the opportunity to show their side of the story.
This is hardly the act of a bully, and the so-called ‘water watchers’ are hardly victims.
Trying to portray themselves as such only cheapens the suffering of the true victims of bullying.
Tony Longo

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