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Holidays a workout – for some

Let me start by saying I was one of the lucky ones and am returning from two weeks off. Whinge as I might about being back on the job, sympathy among my fellow Triblets will be negligible. Correction, non-existent, so I won’t even go there.
• • •
Quite the holiday in that it started with the ice storm and ended with blizzard warnings. I was one of the lucky ones. Except for a trip to Toronto and back on Christmas day, I was able to stay close to home.
This while weary travellers had to fly in and out at the mercy of the elements. In my world the big weather trouble spot was – surprise, surprise – Nova Scotia.
A flight out of Halifax was delayed two days. And, when finally all were on board, it was announced the plane was overweight. What should be a hop, skip and jump turned into an agonizing ordeal. It was another long trek flying back to Halifax.
Then there was the Edinburgh combo. One landed in Toronto with not too much of a delay. The other half was supposed to land in Newark and fly to Toronto from there. He ended up in Chicago for the night.
These are but two among several holiday travel woes among my circle. I am sure many of you have comparable, if not more harrowing, tales.
Holiday travel? Fun!  Wow!
• • •
I was one of the lucky ones. Mini-power outage, but mere minutes long and that was that. Meanwhile, many family members in Toronto lost power, threatening our traditional big Christmas dinner.
One cousin was supposed to host it, but it’s hard to do in darkness. Another cousin was to bring a turkey. Hard to do when there’s no oven. Other family members were left in limbo land, unsure if we should go ahead with plans.
To the rescue was my kid sister, who did not lose power.  Fine and dandy, except she had just moved, less than two weeks before Christmas. As with most things, adjustments were made and everything turned out well.
My yarn pales compares with some I have heard, but most had happy endings, too.
• • •
We tend to bandy the word heroic around too much. I am not even sure if heroic is the right word when it comes to the efforts of so many trying to restore power. From Ontario to the Maritimes, hydro and public works crews did their darndest to restore power. Sure they get paid, but they sacrificed their time with family and friends trying to ensure you could enjoy what they would not. A majority were able to. Quite a considerable deed, really.

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