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Homeowner blindsided by no notification of costly bill

I have been getting phone calls from Reliance Home Comfort trying to talk me into staying with them or not to trust the other company coming to my door.
My guess is that they are starting to lose enough business that they are worried about it. I wonder why that might be?
My daughter has a boy under two and was expecting another any day when her Reliance rental water heater started leaking. They came to replace it, no problem. Until her next bill came with a $183.06 charge on it under New charges!
With a telephone enquiry call came the answer that the venting system is not part of the water heater, but part of the house.
But if you change to electric or some other form of water heater, you get to keep the vent. Seems to me it is part of the water heater although building code changes apparently make it not so.
Worse, she did not know about this until she got this bill. Now I know why people are switching.
James Kennedy

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