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Info should be shared

Re: Letter to the editor, “No need for rental license fees,” (Tribune, Dec. 17)

Although Sandi Ross  may be an excellent landlord, I actually do not know if she owns the house across the street, the one four doors down, the one five doors in the opposite direction, the one diagonal beyond our backyard or the several in a less than two- minute walk from our home – getting close to 10 or 12 houses.

In the interests of genuine problem solving, I would much prefer going first to the owner, just as I would do with my neighbours who live in the houses they own. If only it were possible to visit a City of Guelph website and find out who the actual owner or manager might be when there are issues, instead of triangulating the problem by calling the city authorities or police. It might be a sign of good faith if the non-resident landlords of the city would voluntarily release such information to a public website, instead of just fighting the much more expensive and cumbersome licensing system.

Or please suggest another viable alternative for problem solving the inevitable issues with all those houses not lived in by the actual owners.

John Buttars

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