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Inspiring bit of business

Dear editor: When my husband fell a few weeks ago, causing an injury requiring surgery, there was gratifying support from family, friends and neighbours.

All wonderful, but more or less expected.

Today, when I cashed a bundle of euros at Global Currency Services and mentioned our aborted trip to Ireland, thanks to the fall, I was amazed by the classy response. Nunzia, who took care of me, refunded the full amount which I’d paid in mid-May in Canadian dollars.

Had I received today’s standard buying rate, the difference would have been a significant loss.

Nunzia’s interest in my husband’s condition and quick decision in our favour speaks highly of her compassion and professionalism.

Owner Carinta Mannarelli also deserves kudos for creating this calibre of business environment.

Every Guelph business owner can learn from such an inspiring example.

Marg Langton Ahlers

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