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It’s no ho-ho-ho-holiday

It has been a rather odd holiday season. The main culprit is how tortuously long it has been, and we still have a week to go.
If you think about it, Christmas stuff was on display before Halloween. Then on Nov. 1, retailers pulled out all stops pushing product. If that weren’t bad enough, we adopted all the faux holiday trappings of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Nothing says Christmas in Canada more than going on a shopping blitz during U.S. Thanksgiving.
• • •
Launching Christmas at the beginning of November has had a couple of ill side effects.
The first is a sense of complacency. Being bombed with a barrage of all things Christmas in early November was a bit nerve-wracking at first. You check the calendar and note, “What me worry? December 25 is more than a month away.”
It’s a false sense of security, because just last week I checked the calendar. “Yikes,” I yelped, realizing that Christmas day is bearing down on me pretty quickly.
Another unfortunate byproduct of a two-month holiday season is we are saturated with Christmas music for far too long. A drug store got slapped by consumers for piping in tunes too early, but when is too early?
In the old days, a year or three ago, holiday music got plugged in at the beginning of December, not November. Be they Christmas carols or non-denominational winter tunes, a month of them is quite enough, thank you very much.
In fact, I know someone who used to set her car radio to one of those all-Christmas- songs, all-the-time stations in December. Not any more. It’s a case of too many Christmas songs way too early. Getting tired of Christmas is a rather sad commentary.
• • •
On the topic of Christmas songs, there’s the classic I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas. I saw on the news the other day that if you were to graph white Christmases, they have been steadily declining over the years. White Christmases were the norm in my day. Apparently not any more. How sad is that?
• • •
Last but not least, be it November or December there’s the same debate about saying Happy Holidays as opposed to Happy or Merry Christmas. However, some active Christians can get downright aggressive about saying holiday versus Christmas.
It’s silly, really, in that I have never come across anyone, regardless of their faith, who takes offence hearing Merry Christmas. On the other hand, I have encountered many who take offence at Happy Holiday.
What’s wrong with that picture?

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